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Stage One Music is now presenting Music at the Beach on Lakeshore Drive In Penticton most evenings.Click the link below for our website and follow us on Instagram to see when and where we will be playing.



Sandra is a believer in the power of beauty within us and that is nothing short of unfiltered and pure Divinity. She believes that through finding the beauty in the world we live in, we find our own inner beauty. Through her art and healing work, and authentic self-journey Sandra is humbled to bring her work to the world.

A visual artist, working with acrylics, charcoal and mixed media she paints mostly animal spirits and multi-dimensional landscapes.  She is based in Edmonton Alberta Canada, and in 2012 Sandra Kunz created an animal spirit oracle deck, The Messenger Cards, selling them internationally.  Using these 43 cards with her paintings and meaningful text on them as conduits for a message of healing, she has assisted people to live more fulfilling lives in one-on-one sessions and through gatherings with like-minded people. Sandra loves to work with people at a deep heart level and has no fear of what we can learn in this lifetime through our experiences.


Commission a painting

As a painting or on a drum. For yourself or for your business, having your spirit animal painted is a powerful way to honour the gifts and guidance that your animal spirits are offering you. Intuitive landscape paintings available for commission as well.  These are examples of animal spirit paintings and drums that Sandra has painted for her clients. She can consult with you to identify which animal(s) she will paint for you and bring them into your life so you can experience them every day. All artwork is original and intuitively created  specifically for each client. 

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