Creating the Future
A Print of original artwork by Sandra Kunz

8" x 10" on ultra premium matte card stock

Fits into standard 8" x 10"  frame, or an 11" x 14" frame with an 8" x 10" Matting. These frames are a standard size and easy to find at stores like Michaels.

I created the original painting in my Intuitive Art Workshop. This is a process of using black India ink, charcoal and white acrylic paint to create a picture purely from your creative consciousness and soul. The Goddess of creating the future appeared. This painting is a reminder of our creative energy and the power we have to put our focus on what we want to create for ourselves and humanity. This takes into account the full picture of our gifts and the shadows what need to be cared for in order for us to be our whole SELF. We cannot create be in alignment with what we want to create and leave the fractured parts of ourselves behind. It just doesn't work. We also cannot create anything sustainable that is not a part of our higher good. Observing and questioning our thoughts and feeling our feelings is an integral part of living as a whole being. So is the breath.

We create a life of meaning by creating from our inherent gifts. When we value our gifts and accept them as priceless they are the key to living a life a purpose. Often we do not accept the gifts that have been bestowed upon us as valuable. We throw them away and dismiss them, thinking they are trivial and unimportant. Meanwhile, our lives feel purposeless. We value what others tell us to value instead of what we do that feels profoundly easy and makes our lives and the lives of others better.  In fact it can be so easy that we assume everyone can do it. That is when we know that it is an inherent gift. We may need to practice or learn a few skills but the learning comes quite easily and we feel we were made for doing this. 

Her gown is a magical gown filled with infinite potential and wonder. She never forgets to have gratitude. 

This is perfect for your alter or in your sacred space to be a reminder of the Divine Feminine Energy which is supported by the Divine Masculine Energy. is a local Canadian artist brand offering professional art production, design of custom art for you, spiritual guidance, oracle readings, guided meditations and loads of loving energy. With over 20 years of experience we are dedicated to providing authentic art for our amazing customers. ​We Service Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Stoney Plain, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Nisku, Morinville, St. Albert, Beaumont and anywhere within proximity to Edmonton.

Much love and many blessings, 

Art Print 'Creating the Future'

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