The Missing Peace - An original Animal Spirit Dove painting by Sandra Kunz

Created  September 2019


10 high x 20 "wide x 2" deep
Acrylic paint on wood panel
The sides of the wood panel are painted black so the painting looks finished and does not require framing.



The Message:
You are the missing light, the missing message, the missing gift and the part of the equation - wherever you are - that is the missing peace. We have all done our fair share of shadow work and it is time to be the light in the situations that we continually find ourselves in. This is how we transmute them for ourselves and how we bring the change to the world that we wish to see. If you are reading this it may be because you think there is still an endless amount of clearing and integration to do in a situation when really it is time to stand in your Grace and be the light that you are. From this you can have the clarity to take the action or say the right words to further the healing of the situation. This takes practice so don't be discouraged if it feels like nothing is changing. This is for your own personal evolution as it is time and actually possible to believe, and stand in your light. You can't do this to effect others but as you do it for yourself, others will be effected. 

Much love, 


The Missing Peace

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