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I Choose to be Happy instead of Perfect

Buffalo Painting By Sandra Kunz

Why does it take so much courage to do what we love or even to do what we ARE? I have struggled with this my whole career. I do what I love but it has been an uphill battle to really be ok with it. I am getting better every day at accepting and loving who I am and the gifts that I bring to this world. My gifts really are very unique, so unique that I had a struggle with them being too weird (but that is another blog!). If I had thought 10 years ago that I would have created an oracle deck of animal spirits with my own paintings and writing, and would be doing readings and speaking in public about self love and emotional healing I would have thought that I was nuts. Seriously. But as it is, I still catch myself some days having not-so-nice thoughts toward myself and I have to be extra kind to myself in those moments and on those days.

So, I wanted to share that even though it might look like I totally have my poop-in-a-group I don't always but that is not enough to stop me from being on this true path of mine and I hope to encourage others to take one step in the direction of their heart today. It's not about being perfect, it's about being happy.

Love, Sandra

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