I Choose to be Happy instead of Perfect

Why does it take so much courage to do what we love or even to do what we ARE? I have struggled with this my whole career. I do what I love but it has been an uphill battle to really be ok with it. I am getting better every day at accepting and loving who I am and the gifts that I bring to this world. My gifts really are very unique, so unique that I had a struggle with them being too weird (but that is another blog!). If I had thought 10 years ago that I would have created an oracle deck of animal spirits with my own paintings and writing, and would be doing readings and speaking in public about self love and emotional healing I would have thought that I was nuts. Seriously. But as it is, I still catch myself some days having not-so-nice thoughts toward myself and I have to be extra kind to myself in those moments and on those days.

So, I wanted to share that even though it might look like I totally have my poop-in-a-group I don't always but that is not enough to stop me from being on this true path of mine and I hope to encourage others to take one step in the direction of their heart today. It's not about being perfect, it's about being happy.

Love, Sandra

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