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'Blossom' from Self Acceptance

white Raven and Magnolia Painting by Sandra Kunz

This painting is about the power of self acceptance and with self acceptance blossoms your authentic self.

To create the life for anyone that excites them they need to be self aware, and to take action on that awareness. Self awareness brings your life into alignment with what you desire at your core and aligns your physical earthly life with your Soul's purpose. It is important that if you want a life of purpose, depth and fulfilment that self awareness be an ongoing daily practice for you. You will have your own ways of fulfilling these practices that resonate with you. What are the components of self awareness?

First of all, check in with yourself throughout the day to see what you are feeling and what thinking about so that you are not on Autopilot with your thoughts and emotions. When you stop throughout your day to check in with your body what you want to do is notice any feelings of anxiety, stress, sadness, joy, peace or any other feelings that you are having and then notice the thoughts that you are having that are creating those feelings. If you are having those same feelings oftenthen there is something out of alignment with a belief that you have and what your higher self knows to be true about life. Take time often to delve deep into what those beliefs may be and find a practice to look at them and change them so that they are in alignment with your true self and desires. I suggest 'The Work' the practice of Byron Katie for looking at those beliefs and changing them. She and her practice are amazing. If, in the moment when you are checking in you find that you are feeling very strong negative emotions then please take even just a minute to have compassion for yourself and to be with and feel your emotions without judgement. They are just an aspect of you that has not caught up with the rest of your evolved self. The more you can have compassion for them and do some work around changing the beliefs that they carry the less these emotions will dictate your life and create suffering for you. This practice will shift and raise your vibration significantly, and this is important because everything that you manifest comes from your vibration. So, by just bringing consistanty focus and compassion to your emotions and thoughts you will shift them, raise your vibration and change what you are manifesting to match your new vibration.

Secondly, spend time in silence listening to your heart to know what it desires. Part of this is understanding the difference between your ego and your intuition. Ego is normal and is what makes us human. It shows up as mostly as fear - whereas your intuition and guidance system is the quiet and calm voice of knowing which requires a connection to yourself through some sort of meditative practice, and our connection with nature. Ego will try at all costs to avoid growth as it requires a change in the status quo and what it is comfortable with. It will speak much louder than your voice of truth so you need to make a practice of being silent and listening to the quiet voice. It will say very different things than your loud, emotional ego voice and will take you to where you desire and beyond the patterns of suffering.

When we have relationships based on self acceptance through self awareness and action with integrity and vulnerability your authentic self will blossom. Your relationship to yourself and others will become deeper, more meaningful and more intimate as you have the vulnerable courage to reveal the layers of the true aspects of yourself.

Much love to you on your authentic journey,

Sandra Kunz

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