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Connecting to your Higher Self

Our higher self is the part of us that is spirit and is the evolved version of us. It is constantly with us to guide us and patiently waits for us to catch up to the truth of what it knows about you. We are all connected to our higher self at various times and the more we are able to love ourselves and feel good about ourselves the more we are living connected and our higher self is a part of our day-to-day lives.

When we are loving ourselves and feeling good and we are loving life that is when we are connected to source energy there are so many benefits. We are then connected to the wisdom of the Universe and the answers to the questions and situations that are bothering us. We see the next step forward. We are also at the vibration of all of the goodness that is waiting at our front door to enter into our physical lives. The more we feel good just for the sake of feeling good the more we access that magical portal and the more that magical portal is our every day life.

We can access our higher self easily when we are feeling good. From there you can ask to see a situation through the eyes of your higher self which can be extremely enlightening for a situation. Our higher self does not hold grudges and sees no one as less or more than us. It is not righteous and most of all it does not judge us for our mistakes or where we are in life. It only knows the truth about you what who you really are. Seeing a situation or a person from that perspective which is also source perspective will also raise your vibration so it is in alignment with your truth.

But what about when we are not? It is helpful to have some tools in your toolbox for when you are feeling crappy and basically the ultimate goal is to give yourself a break and to move you up the emotional scale so that you feel even a little bit better because that is all that you need. Some of these might sound too simple or like a cliche but they are a cliche for a reason.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

First of all, it is very important that you stop and acknowledge that you are feeling vulnerable.

If you just try to barrel forward in the way that you are feeling you will probably be doing what you have been doing most of your life and you will just keep experiencing the same yucky experiences. So it's time to do it differently and pay attention to your feelings as they are trying to tell you something. There is beautiful wisdom waiting to come to you through your situation about yourself and who you really are as your higher self. Then remember that you are only thinking thoughts that are not true and they are making you feel bad. Remember that by paying attention to your feelings and thoughts that you can actually change your beliefs if you practice your new thoughts enough. Beliefs are thoughts that you have thought over and over again. Your feelings are there to tell you when you are thinking and believing something that is not true to your higher self so in order to move forward toward your dreams you need to pay attention to when you are not feeling good and the sooner you can catch your negative feelings the better as both good and bad feelings gain momentum.

Breath and move your attention from your mind to your body. Intentionally slow them both down. Say to yourself, "I am slowing down my mind now and focusing on my body".Relax your body and feel your feelings. Do this without judging your feelings and without going into the story. Just breath and feel. Be with your feelings and tell your feelings that you are here with them now and that you are not going anywhere. You can ask yourself what you were thinking about that made your have negative feelings. Then, realise that they are not true for you, simply based on the fact that they make you feel bad. Then, ask yourself what IS or could possibly be true for you. These thoughts will be radically different from what you have been thinking and believing up until now so stay open to the love and wisdom that can come through to you. Think of and write down thoughts that feel really good about the situation or person. Ask yourself, "how does my higher self see this person or this situation?" If it feels better then you are on the right track, you are feeling a bit better and you are raising your vibration because you are coming into alignment with what your higher self believes about the situation. There will be a thought or more than one thought that resonates and feels good for you. You can remember and practice this new thought and vibration whenever you catch yourself going into the familiar negative feelings. Do this more and more often and you will find that you feel better more of the time.

Put Things Into Perspective

-Again, this is how your higher self sees things but they are practical everyday wisdom.

-Remind yourself that:

-Things always work out for you

-Everything passes and changes (this too shall pass)

-Everything runs in cycles and this is the part of the cycle where you are learning about what you want instead of what you don't want

-Take a walk outside and in nature if possible or even look out the window at the sky and appreciate it for what it is and the abundance it has without trying

-Stop trying so hard. Relax a bit a allow yourself to just be

-Think about something that you love and appreciate

-Decide that you care more about your feelings and vibration than anything else and know that the more you feel good the more you are living your life as your higher self and the more everyone benefits. No one benefits from you not caring about your feelings

-Use your oracle cards for some insight, but do not overuse them for the same situation. If you do a reading and don't understand it, give it some time and meditate on it. The Messenger Cards are a direct connection to your higher self and can offer insight into yourself and the truth of what your higher self wishes you to focus on

-Remember, once again, to care about how you feel

Much love to you,


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