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What it Means to be Sovereign

Eagle painting

I have intentionally been working with the energy and concept of personal sovereignty for about 4 years now and I think that I am beginning to grasp what it means and how it feels to be sovereign.

And this meaning evolves and goes deeper as I evolve.

The meaning and feeling of sovereignty for me is a spiritual one and the best way that I can define it for myself is a person who has supreme power or authority over themselves and, up until now, I have been learning about my own spiritual sovereignty mostly through not feeling like I had supreme authority over myself and by giving that power away to others. This has been a massive life lesson for me but through this journey I am coming to an understanding of my own divine power and the control I have to create my life the way is right for me. I am taking full responsibility for my life.

Taking full responsibility for your life means taking responsibility for your feelings (and not just reacting to them), your actions, and what you are creating in your life. You do not blame others for what is occurring in your life or how you feel as you understand that it is all of your own creation whether it is conscious or unconscious. You take the opportunity to bring the unconscious to the conscious and you exercise your free will to create differently when you see that you are creating something that is not in alignment with your truth. You operate from the inside out with the main focus being on your inner landscape. You understand when you are in alignment and (without judgement) not in alignment and why. Because of this awareness you are able to follow your inner guidance system more and more and take inspired action. Action that is working with spirit instead of slogging it alone.

The argument I often hear from people in regards to fully taking responsibility for what they are creating is that they would never create something as horrible as some of the experiences that they have had, and I understand that reaction completely. At the core, however, they are not understand that they did not do it purposefully but through their unconscious core beliefs, thoughts and subsequent feelings and vibration they attracted the situation to themselves. Through not paying attention to their thoughts, beliefs and feelings they allowed painful life circumstances to continue and allow the momentum of the frequency to build until something unspeakable happened.

As a spiritual sovereign being you have an understanding of this and you do not let things just 'go by' you. You take care of yourself, your feelings and your life with clarity and with clear boundaries because that is what it means to be living in alignment with your truth and how you live a life of true freedom and joy. Therefore, your focus is not so much on the outer world and what it can give to you but you focus is on your inner world and what you are currently giving to the world through your vibration of either love or fear. This is what you vibrating out into the world and it is your ultimate purpose. Your vibration affects everyone and everything and it shapes your world around you. You understand that being in alignment with your higher self as much as possible in each moment is the biggest gift you can give to humanity.

When you live in this way as much as possible you are living in harmony with yourself, others and Mother Earth. The message this Eagle brings with it is the gift of living on this earth in harmony and all living things and being sustained and supported by it, and at the same time being awakened to our spirit. We are the bridge and the integration of Mother Earth and Father Sky. Eagle brings the perspective of staying connected to your higher truth when you are going through difficult times. It does this through the inner knowing that there is a bigger picture for your highest good at play in all situations. This is an alchemical process that happens when you can be open to allowing the good (which is your truth) into any situation. This is allowing the integration of your spirit with your physical being. The knowing that we belong here on earth for our physical life is the gift of being connected to both Mother Earth and Father Sky and we can feel fully supported and abundant. Eagle holds the truth of your well being it’s heart and flies steadily forward right beside you.

As we focus inward and take full responsibility for our part of what we create we can allow spirit into the picture as we realise that we are not doing this alone. When we look outward and blame others we give this divine power away and we feel alone struggling to make sense of our lives and our purpose.

Sovereignty means that nothing outside of us can affect who we are at the core. We also know that who we are and our awareness of ourselves never stops expanding, and we never arrive at the end as there is no end to the expanding universe.

Much love and blessings to you,

Sandra Kunz

If you enjoy this spiritual artwork and message please check out my animal spirit oracle deck The Messenger Cards for alignment with your truth and love.

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