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Connecting To Your Inner Genius

March 10, 2020

 'The Joy of Being Human'  by Sandra Kunz. Created in her Online Intuitive Art Workshop


We all have a genius inside of us. I heard it being referred to at the Genie, which would refer to our inner magic. When someone is living and creating from their genius it is magical to watch what they create. Some of us are very in touch with our genius, value the gifts from it, and allow it to continually unfold. These people seem to radiate creativity and to be bursting with ideas.  Some of us experience it sporadically and often forget about it, we love it when we are in that zone but we don't really know where it comes and we don't stay in it for very log. And unfortunately, some people rarely experience their inner genius in their entire lifetime.


Where does our inner genius come from?

Our inner genius comes from the part of us that is not conditioned by this world and our experiences. It may come through as a result of times of suffering but those times seem to allow us to see that we are more than our experiences of pain. This bigger part of us does not hold limiting beliefs that hold us back, It is the inner being within us that is pure consciousness and it is not accessed from our thinking mind, it is accessed when we surrender what we think we know and we open ourselves to the unlimited c When we are living from those parts of ourselves and we believe that they are the totality of who we are then we will have a very difficult time being authentically creative in our lives and living from our inner genius. 

The self within us that is pure consciousness can observe these other parts of us with compassion and realize that they are not who we really are. And this is the Self that funnels the inspiring and ingenious ideas that are unique to us as individuals and our unique soul expression. We all have these unique genius soul expressions and there are not two souls that have had exactly the same genius gifts. 


Think of those things that come to you really easily that you take for granted. How much do you pay attention to that? It could be anything, even the way that you talk to people, or the way that you can arrange colours in a colour palette. There are no rules for what your creative genius is and it won't look like anyone else's creative genius. That right there is the biggest issue with understanding our creative genius is that we are programmed to thing that it should look like someone else's. That our gifts should look like this person's or that person's. That our life should look like this person's or that person's. Except that is just won't. Think again about the things that you really love to to that come easily to you. How much time do you spend doing them? Just because it is a gift does not mean that you don't have things to learn about them to hone it and to help it grow. There may be lots to do and learn but it is inspired and it comes from a passion deep within, and it doesn't look like anyone else's life. It may have some similarities, but the more you can own it's unique qualities the more you will own your gifts and your life. 


On the extreme end of this genius are the people like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Picasso, Mozart and of course many more.  These people understood/understand their creative genius and valued it. They did not let the doubts of others stop them from expressing themselves. They experienced hardship, made lots of mistakes and took huge risks. It was not always easy and they had lots to learn and practice along the way, but they were/are like freight trains moving forward bringing their genius ideas to life. They understood that creating can be messy and not perfect all of the time. 


When you get a great idea it doesn't usually come when you are worried or focused on the problem, it will come when you have given your mind a rest or you have distracted yourself from your busy self. Your creative genius IS your consciousness. Your smaller self and ego cannot figure this stuff out and does not have genius ideas. This is where connecting to that larger part of you is very important, and you need to do the things that allow you to do that. This part of you understands your mind and emotions are not actually you but they need to be treated with love and not pushed away and abandoned. They can be observed and held, and listened to, but not believed. 


Often the part that is playing within us is the part that says we are not good enough. That voice is there just trying to keep us safe by trying to convince us not to take risks and make a mess. It is trying to keep us from being hurt, but this is a part of us and not who we really are. Who we really are is here to experience ourselves and to be creative with the gifts that have been bestowed upon us. It is good to notice when we have those familiar thoughts and feelings of not good enough, or other debilitating thoughts and feelings and notice them, and allow them to come up fully instead of trying to push them down. This is only self abuse and abandonment. Hold space for them and allow them to be there and to come up. Feel them. Listen to what they are saying and notice how you have been believing them and allowing them to take over. They are aspects of you, but not really you. And then, as often as possible make a list of the things that you are really good at, grow that list and feel the power in those gifts and in your genius. Start to slowly do more of these things and do the things that take you out of your head and bring you into the present moment. I love to meditate and go for walks. I have many more and I know how important it is to do them as they bring me more joy and abundance in the long run.


Steps to connect with your Inner Genius

1) Notice  the things that come easily to you. Some of these things you will really enjoy doing and some of them you will not. For the things that you don't love, what is it specifically that you are good at though? Is that a transferable genius gift? You may take the things that come easily to you for granted, because they come so easily. Or you may enjoy them but think that they are silly and useless. Think again. Also, is there something that you have had the urge to try? Give it a shot, it might be a path to your genius that you didn't know you had and the Universe might be trying to lead you to it and if you're not great at it at first but you enjoy it then keep going. You might just need to collect some skills,  knowledge, and put some time in before your genius can shine through.


2) Have you really been valuing the gifts you know you have? If you are not sharing them then at some level you have not been valuing them. That's ok, it is your conditioned and programmed self that is trying to keep you 'safe' by not taking risks but it is time to understand that you are much bigger than that part of you and that not honouring yourself, your gifts, and your genius is making you miserable. Most of us grew up in families where our gifts were not valued so we learned not to value ourselves. This is part of coming into our power and our genius. Consider it a right of passage. You need to start honouring your gifts before anyone one else will see them or value them without you starting to do that first. You at least need to start acknowledging that you have them and that they come from a place that is bigger and beyond you. For some of us, especially empaths, we have a difficult time with this. We completely lack a healthy ego, boundaries and a sense of identity. It is time to have some healthy ego about ourselves and see that we are awesome. This is how we start to honour our genius and gifts and bring them into the physical world.  Remind yourself of the goodness you bring to the world with your gifts and how you affect people in a positive way when you are sharing them.


3) Tune into the feeling of your genius as often as you can. When you are in the flow and sharing your gifts there is a very powerful feeling that comes with that. Tune into that feeling as much as possible to start putting you in the place of sharing your gifts more and more and receiving the inspired ideas. Then, start taking action on these inspired ideas. One step at a time. You don't have to change the world overnight. You are doing this for you to feel alive and like yourself. Do what you can, but be aware of the inner critic that is trying to tell you a million reasons why you shouldn't do it. Love that part, and bring it along.


4) Recognize Your Inner Critic when it comes up. It is easy to recognize your inner critic because when that part of you is active and you are thinking the thoughts of unworthiness or shame, you feel negative emotion. This is an opportunity for a healing by not trying to get rid of you inner critic but to notice the thoughts and feelings and give them space to be. Feel the emotions and understand that those feelings are valid. By doing this we give them the room to move and come to completion. When we suppress them we just push them down so they will resurface. They will come to completion when they are ready to and when they have been felt enough. The same is with thoughts, notice them, thank them and then understand that they are not your truth if they make you feel negative emotion. They have come from a different place and it is time to stop believing them and following their trail.


5) Do things that take you out of your head. Meditate, garden, walk, take my Online Intuitive Art Workshop :),  or do whatever you love that takes you out of your  inner critic in your mind and into inner Being.  This may not be exercising your inner genius skills but they are very important for balance and to come back to centre. Also, take time to have more fun.


6) Find the people that see you and honour your genius. Our gifts and genius is directly linked to the people that need them.  Now that you are starting to see the value in yourself and your gifts are there people in your life that see you and your genius gifts for what they are? If not it is time to start finding your people. Start to feel them. You do not need to live this life trying to convince others that they need your help and your gifts. You can have people in your life and clients that are attracted to you for who you really are and value you. This was huge for me and my business. I thought I needed to help people that were impossible to reach and this was very painful and bad for business! Now I imagine clients that I love that get me and are ready to accept what I have to offer and do their work. It's a much easier and joyful way to live and what an amazing gift to give yourself. 


This is an ongoing process and it doesn't shift overnight. Remind yourself everyday of the value of your gifts that have been bestowed upon you. They come easily to you but not others which is why it is your genius and not someone else's. As you honour your genius, your genius and gifts will grow and you will discover more. You need to be doing it and going outside of your comfort zone to start seeing growth.


Much love to you, genius.
















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