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I was pretty excited when my friend told me about Patreon. I had heard of it but I didn't know anything about it or how much it was helping artistic people just like me.

So, what is Patreon? Patreon is a membership platform where supporters of the arts like yourself would pay as little as $5 a month to an artist like me to do the inspiring work that they do. In exchange for the monthly financial support I give the patrons exclusive content and perks, and a look inside my creative process.

There have been patrons of the arts for centuries. Artists, writers and musicians have always had patrons that supported them on a regular basis so that the creator could focus on their work and not on paying the bills. For a lot of artists just selling their art is not enough to support them and we need the arts in this world to keep us connected to our souls and to each other.

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So what happens when you sign up as one of my Patrons?

First of all, you will sign up as a member of my Patreon account and give me your email address so that we can stay in touch and I can send you posts, updates, gifts, perks and tell you when my live video calls and are scheduled.

Then you will decide how much you want to support me for monthly. It starts at $5 per month but you can support me with more which is greatly appreciated.

Once you are signed up you are in, a part of my Patreon Community and you have access to my past posts and are on the list for receiving the perks. As well, when you sign up to become my patron you will receive a gift from me :). Like a digital file of a signed piece of artwork of mine that you can use for all kinds of things like wallpaper on your phone or computer, or you can you can print it yourself or have it printed professionally and then you can frame it or use as art for gift cards or whatever personal use you want it for!

After that it is my responsibility to stay connected to you and keep you as a member by engaging you with you and making things undeniably interesting.

Many of you know me from my spiritual artwork and from the oracle deck I created called The Messenger Cards but many of you won't know that I have always been a musician. I have been a singer since I was little and I have sung professional choral music, chamber music, I have written my own music, I play the guitar and I play the piano. AIl of the music in my Patreon video below is written, performed and recorded by me. have had a very interesting journey with music and had a difficult time with believing in my own self worth around it. I have done an extreme amount of personal work to move through those inner blocks and barriers and it has been worth it. I felt a large space within me those many years where I was pretending that it was ok to be ignoring the musician in me. I feel much more like myself now. So I feel like the poster child for learning to honour your gifts, value them and act on them as this is vital for a life that feels like it has meaning and feels like it's your life and not someone else's idea of what your life should look like.

I am also about to launch my digital app for The Messenger Cards! It is almost complete and I am very excited to launch it on the Google Play store and the Apple Store.

And with that, like everyone, I am a human being with deep emotions, incredibly deep thoughts and still a few lurking shadows from my past so life is always interesting. In this age of social media it is so easy to assume that other people's lives are always sunshine and roses and that our life is the only one that needs work. That is simply not true. I feel blessed as an artist to be able to express my human side as well as my spiritual side. We are here to be aware of ourselves and present in our lives as much as possible and to just keep growing and evolving. So I am excited to share my insights with you whether I'm feeling like sunshine and roses or like it's a moment of deep learning.

I want to thank my partner John for his help in everything that I do. He created my Patreon Video for me, is my tech support, does all of my photography, buys me music gear, and asks me to play for him or anyone that wants to hear it. He is my biggest fan and it would be a LOT harder to do this without him.

I have never really had this opportunity to share my work in this way and it is a very exciting adventure for me. And and the same time I have butterflies in my stomach!

Thank you for supporting my gifts, my life, and who I am. Here we go...

Much Love, Sandra Kunz

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