December 11, 2019

These workshops are about connecting to your creative genius not only in art but in life. Do you stop yourself from moving forward with inspired ideas in your life? Through this process we can begin to identify the voices and emotions that stop us from living an authentic life. It is also a wonderful way to practice being present with yourself and to give your creativity permission to be what it is without judgement and allow yourself to just do it. We want our life to be authentic first instead of perfect. It's ok to make a mess.

November 13, 2019

My Dear Soul Family,

Hello and welcome. If you are looking for a way to connect to your intuitive inner voice then you have come to the right place. Your intuitive inner voice is the creative genius in you and the more you learn to listen to it, the more your life will look like it's yours and not someone elses. In this process we learn to listen and follow our inner voice without the worry of the outcome.

If you have been to one of Intuitive Art Workshops before or you have not,  you are welcome! Every time you do this process you will have a different result and connection with yourself. I encourage you to join me and t...

November 12, 2019

Why try an Intuitive Art Workshop? In this process we let go of the pressure of creating art that needs to be beautiful and instead we create art for the purpose of communicating with our soul, self connection, self-love, understanding, expression and for the simple pleasure of being creative without the judgement of outcome. Sometimes we just want to create and/or we have blocks to our creativity in our lives, and giving ourselves the time and space to birth something authentic from our soul is a precious gift

October 20, 2019

Join Sandra as she guides you through a process of letting go of the pressure of making perfect and beautiful art to connecting with your intuitive inner voice to listen and communicate with your soul. In this simple process you will be taken out of your head and into your creative zone to communicate authentically with your art without judgement and worry of the outcome. Sandra will provide the safe space to create, along with the guidance, the love, and all of the art supplies.

October 18, 2019

Join Sandra online on zoom as she guides you through a process of letting go of needing to create art that has to be perfect and beautiful and instead remember how to listen to your inner voice and communicate authentically from your soul. In this simple process you will be taken out of your head and into your creative zone to express without judgement and worry of the outcome and enjoy being present with your journey. We will connect, create and share our journey all from the comfort of our homes.

January 19, 2019

I am very excited to share episode two of The Blank Canvas with the world as I work on growing my YouTube Channel to it's first one thousand subscriber I am constantly amazed at the heart warming love i am receiving from everyone. This week I talk about my new painting and my creative process with my paintings. I pull some cards for the week from The Messenger cards and I share the origin story of my guided meditations. I take some time to give thanks to the hundreds of people who support me and my work. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you next week. Much Love, Sandra

January 11, 2019

Hey welcome to my first Vlog from the blank canvas for 2019. In this video I'm going to do a quick reading for you for 2019 and I'm going to send you my blessings. ​​   So for the reading I'm going to do a 3 card spread which I developed to go with the messenger cards. The first car that I chose will go in the middle of the spread it's the key or the medicine for the situation. For this reading it's the key for the coming year for all of you. The card that I chose is the leader you can see it's a very strong and Sovereign looking Raven perched up on this tree. The meaning of this card is for us to be...

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