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78044 Callingwood, T5T6A1, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Phone: 780-399-2331

October 15, 2018



An original Raven spirit painting by Sandra Kunz

Created October 2018

36 high x 48 "wide x 2" deep
Acrylic paint on wood panel

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On July 31st my family and I had a fire in our home that claimed about 95% of our belongings and changed my life from the inside out. 

Why the fire happened has many layers and meanings and it happened for so many reasons it hurts my head to think about it. But I'm not writing to talk about why it happened I'm writing to talk about what has come after the fire.

Fire is a great cleanser. It wipes out everything to create space and fertile ground for new growth. The...

January 18, 2018


An original Raven spirit painting by Sandra Kunz

Acrylic on Wood Panel

24"W x 36"H x 2"Deep


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Payment plans are available email Sandra for more information StrokOfSoulArt@gmail.com

The Message from Eclipse:

"Bring the shadow to the light", the Raven says as he flies comfortably through the stormy sky. Raven is on his journey and finds that he is eclipsing the sun.  His shadow is meeting the light and he has made a choice to embrace himself and illuminate his shadow. The eclipse holds the opportunity for growth and where there was darkness there can be light.

The process of illumination starts with u...

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