May 10, 2020

The Universe does not want you to live in poverty or to live a life that feels meaningless and without purpose. It is our life's purpose to express our unique energy and to be abundant. Here are some steps you can take toward expressing your unique gifts.

March 16, 2020

Commissioned painting by Sandra Kunz


40"wide x 36"high x 2" deep

Acrylic on Wood Panel


I created this animal spirit painting for a dear friend of mine. I believe I captured the energy of her hummingbird spirit and how it experiences love.

What an honour it is to do this work. The painting is titled "Belonging" and my friend is a hummingbird through and through. Before we started she knew that her animal spirit is a white bird she and so I that is where I started when I began the process. I tuned into her soul and realized that she is a hummingbird, a white hummingbird. and the way that she lives and IS made so much s...

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