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A set of 3 art cards with images of original animal spirit paintings by Sandra Kunz.
Each card:
-5 inches x 7 inches so they are a standard size that is easy to frame
-Comes with it's own white envelope
-Blank inside 
-High quality print on glossy card stock

These are 5 pieces were sold as original paintings and are not available anywhere else.

If you would like to switch any of the cards from another set of Sandra's cards or have a duplicate card please send a message to Sandra and she will let you know if it is available for you. 


More information about the cards:


'Eclipse' (The Raven) by Sandra Kunz
"Bring the shadow to the light", the Raven says as he flies comfortably through the stormy sky.Raven is on his journey and finds that he is eclipsing the sun.  His shadow is meeting the light and he has made a choice to embrace himself and illuminate his shadow. The eclipse holds the opportunity for growth and where there was darkness there can be light.
The process of illumination starts with us not judging ourselves when something goes wrong in our lives.  This is not news to most of us but when we know that contrast, chaos and adversity reveals our shadows and limiting beliefs then why do we still judge ourselves when things don’t go the way we would like them to? I think as folks on the spiritual path we still think that somehow we should be perfect. We think that the whole theory of contrast in our life being necessary and unavoidable somehow doesn't apply to us. We may be embarrassed that we have created these situations and issues and and that we should be above them. Sometimes the more evolved we are the bigger the chaos and crisis may have to be to get our attention. It's time to change our thinking about 'bad' situations so we can shift from a vibration of attracting more of the same problem to being the vibration of the solution. The solution is a higher vibration than the problem and so we need to find a way to raise our vibration around the issue. Non-judgement and compassion are much higher vibrations than judgement and that alone can be enough to clear the resistance you have to the solution so that it can be realized.
The next step, which is very connected to the first part is to care, above all else, how you are feeling and why. Our feelings are here to tell us when our thoughts and beliefs are not the same as the truth of our higher self. Often what we believe is exactly the opposite of what our higher self knows to be true and our feelings are informing us that and the longer we ignore our feelings the longer we carry the vibration of discord which then begins to create situations and even health issues to bring even more attention to ourselves. Our biggest areas of pain in our life is always our biggest gifts in disguise and they are here to help us see that we are actually empowered, abundant and free. Sometimes it is enough to just have this epiphone but the the more persistent issues the work is to discover the beliefs that are in direct conflict with who we are as it is those false beliefs that create the conflict within us.
The third step is to want to live in your truth. We so often lie to ourselves for many seemingly good reasons. Mostly to keep things the way they are and avoid change, which many of us are afraid of. But change is what you make of it, and it can put your life into alignment with your truth. Truth and change are critical for our happiness. is a local Canadian artist brand offering professional art production, design of custom art for you, spiritual guidance, oracle readings, guided meditations and loads of loving energy. With over 20 years of experience we are dedicated to providing authentic art for our amazing customers. ​We Service Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Stoney Plain, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Nisku

3 'Eclipse' art cards by Sandra Kunz

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