A selection of 5 art cards with images of original animal spirit paintings by Sandra Kunz.
Each card:
-5 inches x 7 inches so they are a standard size that is easy to frame
-Comes with it's own white envelope
-Blank inside 
-High quality print on glossy card stock

These are 5 pieces were sold as original paintings and are not available anywhere else.

If you would like to switch any of the cards from another set of Sandra's cards or have a duplicate card please send a message to Sandra and she will let you know if it is available for you. 


More information about the cards:

'A Message of Love' (Hummingbirds) By Sandra Kunz
This was an original painting that is now one of the oracle cards in The Messenger Cards. Here is the message:
Though it feels at times that you have been forgotten and are alone, take heart, you are the light of divine love and our creator’s most precious gift. There are many ways to experience the illusion of separation in our life: 
When it seems our resources have run out, despite our best efforts. When we are overwhelmed and think that life has handed us too much. When our actions and beliefs are met with doubt. When our body is physically ill. When we have forgotten to trust that our life path is leading us to where we want to go. When we feel that we are not enough. 
When we forget who we are and the power we possess as co-creators, we mistakenly think we are here to navigate through life on our own. Through these experiences we are given the opportunity again and again to allow grace to enter and to give love a new physical form. The sacred within you is your connection to the divine love of universe and through that connection we are eternally one.


'Fertile Ground' (Elk) By Sandra Kunz
This was an original painting that is now one of the oracle cards in The Messenger Cards. Here is the message:
We have created everything in our surroundings from the fertile ground we stand on in the present moment. 
Often we look to the past or the future for happiness and fulfillment when it really exists within ourselves in the present moment. It is impossible for the duality of our ego to live in present moment and the more we surrender our concerns of the past and future to the universe the less we create barriers to what we desire. It is only in this present moment that we can truly feel the unconditional love and support of the universe. 
The Elk is gazing at the moon and black sky with full surrender and peace, and at the same time has his feet firmly planted in the rich mosaic of abundance that life offers us when we let go and allow ourselves to just Be.


'Rainbow Bear' By Sandra Kunz
This was a commissioned painting that I created for a client's business called Rainbow Bear Healing Arts.


'Trust Yourself' (Owl) By Sandra Kunz
This was an original painting that is now one of the oracle cards in The Messenger Cards. Here is the message:
Pay attention to what your intuition is guiding you to do and trust that you know what is in your highest good. 
The medicine of owl is that of clear, unwavering knowing and to trust that voice within is to be in the flow of the universe, and the more we are in the flow, the more effortless, peaceful and purposeful our life is. We can use our powers of intuition to see into a situation and reveal the truth of what is really happening so that we can respond in everyone’s highest good. 
Our intuition is as powerful as we allow it to be and it can lead us to our passion and truth. At times we may feel like we are being asked for too much as we may be operating outside of our comfort zone. However, the more trust we have in ourselves the more divine love is there supporting us and making our journeys and transitions smoother. 


'The Beat of Your Drum' (Woodpecker) By Sandra Kunz
This was an original painting that is now one of the oracle cards in The Messenger Cards. Here is the message:
We each have our own rhythm that we move to, and living in synchronicity with that rhythm means we are living in joy and walking our true path. 
No one else can walk to your beat so to honour yourself means to walk a path that no one else has walked and to know that love and grace are with you in every step. To be inspired by others and to share their wisdom is a true gift but ultimately our path is ours to choose, and the more authentic our path the less it will look like someone else’s. 
Spirit is guiding you in every moment to the peaceful, joyful being within you. Walking to our own rhythm means that we are doing what we love, sharing our gifts with others, and allowing our light to blaze for everyone to see. It is then that we are a pure expression of our divine being.


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5 art cards (set 2) by Sandra Kunz

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