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Have a heart-centering-coming-home gathering with Sandra right in your home. (If you live in Edmonton and area!)

What can Sandra do for you?

Create a space of welcoming and heart centering where you can all connect, be yourselves and maybe find out some new things about yourselves!

Services Sandra can offer at your party/gathering:

-First we can choose a theme (experience more joy in your life, life purpose, connect with your magical inner child, deepen your inner connection, connect with your animal spirits...)

-Opening and closing circles to connect with everyone

-Guided Meditations (to go with the theme)

-Readings with The Messenger Cards (maximum 8 readings):

    Each member can have a one on one reading in private or with          the group in circle

-Spiritual art classes to create from the inside

-Reduced prices on The Messenger Cards so that everyone can own a deck.

Minimum price is $250.00 or $35.00 per person (not including the Messenger Cards).

Sandra will come to your house for 3 hours of the party plus come early to set up.

See you soon!


Book through here or contact Sandra at:


Book a Gathering with Sandra

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