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Original painting by Sandra Kunz

16" x 16" x 2"deep

Acrylic on 2" deep wood panel


Curious Mr. Bear was painted in the summer on 2023 when we had a black bear living on our acreage about 30 yards from our back yard. He stayed for a couple of weeks, went away and came back with a couple of friends for a visit. We called it the Bearbnb. He would sleep behind a large pine tree up on the hill and lift his head to have a look at us when we would come out to the back yard and lazily drop his head back down when he saw that it was just us. He would also peer from behind the tree at us and just watch.

He would come and go over a  couple of month and when I thought of painting he would show up that day. That happened twice so I knew that I needed to paint him. 


The Meaning of ‘Curious Mr. Bear’
Are You curious about what lies within? What treasures lay waiting for you to find when you go within and take a look around?
Are ideas or opportunities coming to you that you are very curious about but are out of your comfort zone? Is something niggling (or screaming) at you to try? What is your intuition saying about this? Is this something that your soul wants to evolve into?

Approach it with curiosity.

Why is the  Universe giving you this opportunity or idea? Imagine who you would be if you were to take this opportunity by the horns and see it through?  See yourself in that situation and what it would feel like to be doing this 'thing'. Does this feel like it is you, even though it is bigger than you right now or it seems intimidating?

Ask yourself what part of you is afraid and why and what part of you is excited and why. Can you be brave and others ask the questions that you would need to ask for clarity?

Often we bury our talents and miss opportunities to feel safe. Growth can seem terrifying as it confronts our the ideas we have of ourselves and how we know to operate in the world when really it's keeping us small. 

Some part of you wants to be seen and acknowledged and experienced and you know what that is. Approach it with curiosity. Turn over the stone and have a look.

Traditionally, the gift (medicine) of the black bear is introspection and intuition. Going within is a great gift in itself, especially when you can look with curiosity and without judgement. is a local Canadian art and music brand offering professional art production, great music and guided meditations and loads of loving energy. With over 20 years of experience we are dedicated to providing authentic art for our amazing customers.

Much Love, 
Sandra Kunz

Curious Mr. Bear

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