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Rose Quartz, Glass Crystals and Copper Bracelet Set
Set of two matching bracelets


Created by Sandra Kunz for the Naked Goddess jewellery line for healing, divine energy and, of course, some gorgeous bling for your Goddess Journey 
This unique combination of toggle-style bracelet and elastic crystal bracelet will fall beautifully on your wrist.
This is the only bracelet I have with these particular moonstones.



-Rose Quartz and glass crystal bracelet is 8" long (non-elastic) with toggle closer and crystals and metal beads to complement turquoise 
-Purple glass crystal and antique metal bracelet is elastic and closed 7.5" long

I can adjust the size for your wrist. The current size is an average size (medium) for a 6.5 inch wrist. If you need the size adjusted please send me a message :)


The divine healing properties of Rose Quartz for the user:

-Feeling Universal divine and unconditional love

-Restores trust and harmony in relationships
-Opening your heart to new relationships
-Purifies and opens the heart to promote self-love, love of others, receiving love and worthiness of love, and friendship with peace from 
 inner healing

-Connecting to your Divine Angelic Energy


The divine healing properties of Copper for the user:

-Connects to the truth of the heart

-Connects spiritual energy between users
-Amplifies and strengthens power of other healing gemstones



Cleansing and recharging your gemstones 
Crystals absorb energy around them and so they need to be cleansed and then they will be ready for clearing.
My favourite way to cleanse and clear negative energy is to burn sage and smudge your jewellery by holding it in the smoke for 1 - 4 minutes or until it feels cleared (use your intuition!). This is my favourite way to cleans jewellery because it is so gentle. 

Now your jewellery is ready to be charged. I leave my pieces out in the sun for at least one hour or, for a gemstone like Rose Quartz that is a particularly divine feminine stone I would charge it overnight under the light of the full moon.

Once it is recharge you can program it with your intention of what you want it to do for you. 
Intend that the energy of your stone be in your highest good and then state your intentions, desires and goals specifically and clearly so that they can go to work for you.

Divine Love Rose Quartz and Crystal Bracelet Set

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