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Email reading by Sandra Kunz using The Messenger Cards


I will deliver your reading to you within 48 hours with a photo of the cards that you chose.

I will use my intuitive gifts and my connection to your guides and my guides in this healing process. In this highly connected reading I will use a special 3 card spread that I developed with The Messenger Cards. It is my intention that it will assist in bringing you back to your truth and heart space on whatever issue you may be experiencing. I believe that you have been guided to me because you are to be more in alignment with your higher self and so you are preparing to shift through an aspect of your life that is no longer fitting for you or you may be looking for clarity on a situation.  Since I channelled and created this deck myself including all of the artwork and the messages I am deeply connected to the guides in this deck and they communicate very clearly to me. I have been guiding people to their truth, their heart and their authentic life for many years now.

Here are the instructions for the reading:
-When you are purchasing the reading, in 'Note to Seller' please send me:
  1) The name you would like me to address you with
  2) One question or life situation that you would like guidance on.
  3) 3 numbers between 1 and 43. 

Your question or life situation can be as detailed as you like. The more detailed, the better I can help you. For example you may wish receive guidance regarding your relationship, career or finances.

I will use the 3 numbers you send me to choose the cards and I will then put them into the 3 card spread. The first card will go in the centre, the second card will go on the left, and the third card will go on the right. The middle card is what is shifting and healing for you and where we will refocus your energy. The two cards on either side are supporting cards and further help to focus on the direction of the centre cards.

- I will send your reading to you by email so please make sure your email is valid and it is an email address that you will remember to check. Your reading will be a minimum of 250 words.

- I will also send you a photo of your three card spread with The Messenger Cards.

I am forward to seeing and connecting with you.

Love, Sandra

A bit about Sandra:

Sandra was born in Edmonton Alberta Canada and has lived there for most of her life.  Sandra has been painting  animal spirits and multi-dimensional landscapes almost full time since 2005.   In 2012 she created an animal spirit oracle deck called The Messenger Cards and started to sell them around the world and uses them to do readings and emotional healing for other people.  Sandra has been assisting people to live more fulfilling lives for over a decade now through one-on-one sessions and through gatherings with like-minded people. Sandra loves to work with people at a deep heart level and has no fear of what we can learn in this lifetime through our experiences. 

Sandra is a believer in the power of beauty within us and that it is nothing short of unfiltered and pure Divinity. When we find the beauty in something we find the inner beauty within ourselves. Sandra is humbled to be able to bring beauty to this world through her art, healing work and through just Being.

Visit to see Sandra`s artwork for sale and The Messenger Cards her world famous oracle card deck featuring 43 of her original creations. is a local Canadian artist brand offering professional art production, design of custom art for you, spiritual guidance, oracle readings, guided meditations and loads of loving energy. With over 20 years of experience we are dedicated to providing authentic art for our amazing customers. ​We Service Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Stoney Plain, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Nisku Morinville, St. Albert, Beaumont and anywhere within proximity to Edmonton.


Email Reading from Sandra Kunz

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