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Gold Moon Raven

an original painting by Sandra Kunz

24" x 24" x 2" deep

Acrylic, gold coloured foil on wood panel


Raven is creating what is in her deepest heart with the fire within her. The chaos of life has caused her to dig deep and ignite the flame of life within. She is choosing to stand up and create that which can only be birthed through her. What is inspiring you at this moment? Pay attention and know that inspiration is the path to what you desire for your life.


Sandra has intentionally used the fire of red to feed the root chakra. The energy of this painting is meant to ignite the soul and remind us of choice we have to choose life. This can take strong willpower and we may need to do it while we are in the muck of life's challenges but that is what this challenge is here for. Take the fire and move forward. To do this is to rewrite your story and start to change the outcomes. 


The root chakra is the basis of our life here on earth. It is our stability, our forward movement and what makes us believe we belong here on this earth. 

You can work with your root chakra to make the challenges much easier to navigate and to give you the "I've Got This" feeling and strength.

Truly,  the challenges you are experiencing at the moment are here to make you stonger. They are also temporary. Working with your root chakra will also make you feel less anxious.


Try Sandra's chakra meditation to bless and reprogram your chakras (copy and paste into browser):


Gold Moon Raven

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