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Join Sandra in looking deeper into The Messenger Cards and into yourself to connect and find the divinity and alignment in your life, and use The Messenger Cards as a tool for learning and healing.


When: The group will start when when we have a minimum of 3 participants and we will decide on a time that works for everyone.

There will be 4 workshops in total. 1 workshop per week for 4 weeks.


Where: Zoom

Each workshop will run approximately 2 hours.


This will be a safe place to be yourself. I will facilitate the group to be a place where we can express how we are feeling and take responsibility for ourselves and understand what we want to create.


Many of us are experiencing extra stress in our lives because of world situations and so this will be a place of inculsivity and non-judgement. We will discuss world events only as they effect us personally mentally and emotionally without blame and we will not give advise or try to change others beliefs. We are hear to compassionately look at ourselves so we can Be in this world as love. 


I look forward to sharing and connecting with you all and to do this work together. We can all learn an extraordinary amount from each other through our vulnerability and willingness to accept our truth.


It is encouraged that you own a set of The Messenger Cards but it is not required. We will be choosing our own cards for some of our personal work but I can choose a card from my deck on your behalf if you don't have one. I have my decks without text in stock which comes with the message book and meanings of each card. 

You can order them Here.


Once you pay I will send you a welcome email and I will find out what your availability is so we can find a common time to meet on zoom. Please make sure you give me a valid email address when you pay.


Much love and many blessings, 



Healing with The Messenger Cards

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