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‘Into the Deep’ an original Snow Leopard Spirit painting by Sandra Kunz
10" x  10" x 1/2" deep
Ink and  Acrylic on wood panel

I created this piece using my intuitive art process where I start by creating an abstract background with ink and acrylic, then seeing what images come forward. 

For more about this intuitive process please check out my Online Intuitive Art Workshops here in Etsy. It is for everyone including the very beginner that does not paint to those that want to spark their creativity again and connect to their creative consciousness.

This piece can, of course, be placed anywhere in your space but this piece can also be considered a piece for your altar if you are wanting to bring in the gifts and energies of the Snow Leopard or if the Snow Leopard is your spirit animal. You can then use the energy and gifts in your meditation or ceremonies to be reminded of what it is that you are drawing in.

The Snow Leopard is similar to other large cats like the Jaguar as it is one of the animals of the Shaman. It is here to assist you in going deep into the night and to see the shadows within you. When you can go into your depths to face yourself you will find the gifts that you came into this world with. The Snow Leopard brings the stillness and courage required to do so. It can also see and allow opportunities to be born out of chaos within ourselves and in our environment. The Snow Leopard peers into the darkness fearlessly and completely accepts his power and gifts without apology.

Stepping into stillness accesses our higher consciousness, the part of us that is eternal and observes everything with no judgement. The more we are able to be in this place, even when we are not meditating, the more we just know what to do, we receive incredible creative ideas, and solutions to problems. The eternal self lives outside of duality and just is and we don't need to figure things out from this place, it is not the mind but the observer of the mind, our thoughts, emotions and others. It allows our thoughts and emotions to just be there while knowing that they are not who we are and that they are impermanent. It allows us to have greater understanding and to just be ourselves in whatever we are doing. Learning where we forget to be ourselves is a part of the gift of the Snow Leopard spirit and it can remind us that our eternal self is always there.

I have used the colour gold in the intuitive abstract background which is associated with higher ideals, wisdom and enlightenment. It is also the colour of abundance,triumph and achievement. In this case it would be achieved through authentic soul expression, balance, and deep self understanding.

Through the intuitive process more spirit guides came through in the background which I really enjoyed seeing and feeling. is a local Canadian artist brand offering professional art production, design of custom art for you, spiritual guidance, oracle readings, guided meditations and loads of loving energy. With over 20 years of experience we are dedicated to providing authentic art for our amazing customers. ​We Service Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Stoney Plain, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Nisku, Morinville, St. Albert, Beaumont and anywhere within proximity to Edmonton.


Into the Deep Sold!

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