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I love to draw architecture with pen and ink. AND I get to combine the architecture with my favourite animal spirits. This goes back to my days as a commercial interior designer and especially in design school where I first learned to draw and paint. I actually did not go to art school but I learned an all about drawing with ink, charcoal and graphite, painting in watercolours, composition, colour theary and all of the elements and principals of design which transfer to creating art. I though for the longest time that I needed a degree in art to call myself an artist. Thankfully, a very talented friend of mine that is a musician straightened me out on that one. She said to me, "Sandra, you need to quit your job and paint full time. It doesn't matter that you don't have a degree in art. You are an artist." Thank goodness for the wisdom of the universe that comes through the messengers around us. I listened and I let go of the idea of needing that piece of paper to be an artist. 


I believe that there are many healers and people out there that are not sharing their gifts because they don't think their gifts have value or credibility. This is a sad state of affairs as we need as many people as possible living passionately and sharing what they were born to share. Do not doubt your gifts, no matter how small, different, weird or insignificant they may seem to you. We are all unique and bring different gifts to this world.


More about this painting...
The raven is the messenger of pure potential and when we are in the flow it brings us creative ideas that come from the Universe through us. Each idea can only be born through one person as it is tailor made for that individual. It is the perfect fit of that person's soul's gifts and spirit.  Great architecture is a wonderful example of divine creation. We all have the ability to be creators of wonderful things that fulfill both our need to be productive and creative and to fill the needs of others. The more we allow the creation to be unfiltered by our ego the more unique it will be. Sometimes we need to hold our ideas to close to us and not share them until they are ready to be seen as to not dilute the creative energy by other people's disbelief and doubts.

This raven sits proudly in front of the wonderous architecture proudly ready for the photo to be taken.

Photo Opportunity
An original drawing and painting by Sandra Kunz

14 " wide by 11" high
On 300 lb. watercolour paper
Pen and ink, watercolour, gauche and charcoal (for the raven)



Photo Opportunity

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