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Rainbow butterfly - An original Butterfly Spirit Painting by Sandra Kunz

Acrylic on Wood Panel 
16"W x 12"H x 2"Deep

The sides of the wood panel are painted in black so the painting looks finished does not require framing.


I have payment plans to make purchasing my original artwork easy for you. Contact me if you are interested in hearing more!


The Meaning of  the Rainbow Butterfly Painting

The rainbow is cast as the light of your truth shines through your soul.

In this painting there is the dual symbology of the rainbow as well as the gifts/attribute and medicine of the butterfly spirit.

The rainbow is said to be a symbol of the 4th and 5th dimension. We are evolving at a rapid rate and becoming more aware of ourselves and what this physical life is really about. It is about awareness and living from our heart as authentic beings, allowing ourselves to feel and experience this life and through ourselves. The rainbow blends together all colours and creats light - just as when we remember that we are whole beings we are whole and our light eminates from our essence.

The butterfly is the symbol of transformation and as we embrace more of Who We Really Are we become rainbows ourselves. We are in constant transformation - it never endes and we constantly want to grow more and Be more. If we ignore this natural state of being we are in a state of suffering.

We are learning more about ourselves and what we want in this life every day. It is not easy work with its roller coaster of emotions and situations. But it is here to show us what we are holding on to and we are getting much better getting back to centre much more quickly realizing that we can overcome anything when we remember that we are powerful creators. 


What is the difference between an animal spirit and an animal totem or power animal?

I believe animal spirits will come and go throughout your life and help you by guiding you in the way that they can according to thier gifts or medicine. These gifts are the attributes that the animal carry and most animal spirits carry many gifts/attributes or medicines. You will experience the animal spirits if you do a reading with my deck The Messenger Cards or with another Animal Spirit Oracle Deck. An animal totem or Power Animal is an animal spirit that walks with you on your whole life journey whether you are aware of it or not. If you find out what your animal totem is then you will see that you exhibit many of the gifts that that animal spirit. Or, you may be repulsed or fear that animal in which case you may want to look at embracing the gifts of that animal spirit as you may be rejecting those gifts within yourself. To know your animal spirit is to know yourself better. I believe that is the secret to life! To know yourself better in whatever way calls to you and to live your life as you and nobody else. is a local Canadian artist brand offering professional art production, design of custom art for you, spiritual guidance, oracle readings, guided meditations and loads of loving energy. With over 20 years of experience we are dedicated to providing authentic art for our amazing customers. ​We Service Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Stoney Plain, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Nisku, Morinville, St. Albert, Beaumont and anywhere within proximity to Edmonton.


Much love to you on this blessed journey,

Sandra Kunz


Rainbow Butterfly SOLD!

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