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A personal Reading with one set of The Messenger Cards shipped for free to you
For $100 (save $25)

Testimonial: "As I write this, I am feeling an overwhelming sense of appreciation.
Almost a month has passed since my reading with Sandra and her Messenger Cards.  I have seen the profound positive affects the reading has had on me, start to unfold.  Sandra's intuitive connection guided me in a way that allowed insights to come to me, that I was looking for, to move forward in my life.  I have more clarity and feel more able to move forward in my life in an authentic way.

Thank you Sandra, for shining your light, and in doing so, helping me shine mine.

About the Reading:

If you feel stuck in negative emotions, thought patterns and painful life circumstances join Sandra as she works with you with grace and compassion to bring you back home to yourself where your own answers lie waiting. 

In the head there are no answers, in the heart there are no questions.

Our wisdom and creative power lies within us beneath the chaos of emotion and limiting unconscious beliefs and we see the evidence of these core beliefs in our life but have no idea what to do about them. 

Sandra uses The Messenger Cards, emotional integration and core belief processes to assist you in finding clarity through connection to your truth.  Sandra is here to guide you through the process of remembering that connection so you can find your way back home.

As we do this process we find a different perspective on our suffering. We begin to see that it is part of our journey and we can look at our journey with compassion through the eyes of our higher self. 

This may include and a healing and balancing of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies.

Your higher self  understands the essence that is you. Your essence is magical, curious, empowered and sure of yourself and your gifts. Your essence is your higher self brought into this physical body and it knows the perfect balance of living a spiritual and physical life. One of the main purposes of my readings and of The Messenger Cards is to reconnect you with an aspect of that essence and merge it with a current life situation so that you can begin to see the situation from your true essence and not from the limited perspective of your mind.  From there, if you keep up the practice, you will be transforming from the inside out and your life circumstances with change. You will start to manifest what is your soul's desire instead the reoccurring painful circumstances. 

It is also the very essence of compassion and divine love that can unconditionally love your shadow aspects and integrate them so they reveal their truth as your gifts and purpose. This is what is needed to move forward through the obstacles that you have created to your dreams, and it is very real.  I may also guide you through some emotional integration though your higher self and true essence. Emotional integration is a powerful tool for dissolving the barriers that keep you from connecting with the  life that we know is truly ours. We can see it clearly but our old beliefs, frequencies and shadows are still running the show. Emotional awareness and integration is one way to illuminate our shadows and bring them back into the wholeness of our Being. 

This is coupled with my intuitive ability to see that the underlying issues are, and with compassion and understanding of the human condition I can help to bring awareness to you.  I have such a deep understanding of what it means to be living as spirits living in a human form with human illusions that it is difficult for me to judge and I respect every soul's journey.

It is my intention that you leave the session with a renewed connection to yourself and tools to continue to reconnect for the future. It is my job to assist you in feeling personally empowered.

For this one hour reading you may ask for guidance on 3 issues, and I will do a 3 cards spread for each issue. This in an interactive reading as I will encourage you to discuss what you are feeling and intuitively seeing (no pressure though!). 

If you live in the Penticton BC Canada Area we can do a reading in person, otherwise we can very effectively do a reading via messenger video or Telephone. If you choose to use Google Hangouts I can record the session and it's very easy to use. 

Once you have paid for the session I will contact you within 24 hours to book a session.

I will send you a photo of your spread by email so please register your account with a valid email address.

I am forward to walking on this journey with you.

Love, Sandra

Reading and One Set of The Messenger Cards

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