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Kurinuki Sench (tea) cup
each cup is approximately 3.25" wide x 2.5" high

The inside of the mugs are finished with a gloss glaze

The outside of these particular mugs are unglazed and the natural dark colour is called Night Clay.

These 2 mugs were chosen as a set as they are similar and yet just different enough to make this the most unique choice for tea, cacao, and ceremonies.



Hand made Sencha Cups by Jennifer Sanders. Jennifer is a member of Sandra's shop and creates metal-smithed jewellery, ceramics and paintings.
Kurinuki is a Japanese technique of carving pieces from a block of clay rather than throwing them on a wheel. The result is that each piece is completely unique and has an organic, primitive appearance.

In keeping with the Wabi Sabi Japanese philosophy on can embrace the imperfections that exist in nature and in life.
Sencha teacups are typically used for match tea or any tea,  espresso and cacoa and perfect for any ceremony


Set of 2 Kurinuki Sencha Cups

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