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The Beauty of Being Human - An original Surreal Landscape  painting by Sandra Kunz

Created July 2019


10 high x 20 "wide x 2" deep
Acrylic paint on wood panel
The sides of the wood panel are painted black so the painting looks finished and does not require framing.



The Message:

Our depth and shadows is part of what makes us human and when we can embrace our shadows and understand them they become a very powerful gift. Our shadows are aspects of us that we have suppressed and they are both good and seemingly negative aspects of ourselves that we have yet to discover and accept as part of us as a result of our experiences and who we authentically are. Some of these suppressed aspects of ourselves are powerful gifts that we suppressed in our childhood and we can find clues in what these are by what triggers us or what we are jealous or envious of others. We then feel strong negative emotion and this tells us that we are believing something that is contrary to our truth and inner Being. When we feel negative emotion that is our guidance system asking us to look within and question what we are thinking and believing because something within us wants to be seen and revealed. Another very important aspect in this process is to turn in the direction of our discomfort and unconditionally feel the emotions that we are feeling. This alone can bring healing and clarity as it allows the energy of the emotions to come to completion which is often why we often react in some situations like a child instead of responding as an adult in a reasonable way. We have suppressed emotions that we were unable to process in our childhood and feeling them allows them to be processed and integrated. 

This painting was inspired by another painting titled Rebirth and it was painted after our house burned down July 31st 2018. I have decided to keep that painting and not sell it as it is a reminder to me of the gifts and beauty that came of me losing most of my worldly possessions.

I love the landscape in that painting and was inspired to capture the depth and passion that comes from embracing ourselves and our shadows. What often comes from doing this is that we discover what it is that we really want. It is through looking at the contrasting and difficult situations in our life that we can discover what is in our heart that we desire in our life. This is a gift.

Much love, 


The Beauty of Being Human

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