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Beautiful Shadows

Buffalo Painting

Beautiful Shadows

An original Buffalo Spirit painting by Sandra Kunz

Acrylic on Canvas

Wood Frame

60"W x 36"H


Payment plans are available

The Message from Beautiful Shadows

Intentionally grazing the inner landscape of our emotions is the key to our sacred journey. These buffalo are at peace with themselves and their emotions and they bring the capacity to hold sacred space for you. This is especially important when conflict arises in your world so you may look upon it with the knowledge that there is something sacred to remember about yourself that you have forgotten.Buffalo also brings with them the stillness to listen to your inner guidance and to centre yourself in your heart. In truth, you are perfect and any painful situation that is showing itself to you now is an opportunity to remember your eternal well being. The image of the sun in this painting is especially powerful to me as it is so subtle but there as a blended part of the landscape. The buffalo are perfectly content and at peace under this winter sun, but it will be spring soon and they understand that. They are taking the time to be still and be with themselves before the renewal of spring that is about to break through the winter ice. They understand that life operates in cycles and no matter what is happening it will always change and shift into the next season. It is our choice, however to take advantage of these cycles and understand where we are in them so that we do no judge ourselves when we are in a cycle of contrasting experiences to what we want. These experiences only show us what we believe, and what we really do want. With deep love and compassion we can move from winter into spring and allow what we do want by coming into alignment with what our higher selves sees for us.

The inspiration for this painting and my painting titled Eclipse comes from my continual journey for my truth through the exploration of my shadow work. This is the work of understanding my negative emotions: what thoughts and beliefs do I have that are not the same as the truth of my higher evolved self. I try to challenge all thoughts and beliefs that create negative emotion within me as they are not taking me toward what I wish to create for my life, they only create discord and take me on a path to more of what I no longer desire. I am grateful to my emotions for this reason.

All of my paintings are reflections of different aspects of myself and when I look at this painting I see the beauty in my many complex layers in my long journey. I am only beginning to understand how well my emotions serve me and that I do not need to fear them, although that can still be a challenge at times.

The best way to describe the colours in this painting would be sepia coloured. These very shadowy colours are the colours of dreams and I find them calming.

Much love to you on your journey,


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