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Chakra Meditation to Feel More Secure

This meditation was written and spoken by Sandra Kunz.

Music by Woodshed Studios This meditation music was generously donated for the use of my meditations and is titled Moving Through It. You can find it and purchase it here: Please visit the Woodshed Studios site on Band camp and check out all of their amazing offerings and support their important work here:

This chakra healing meditation was specifically designed to heal your sense of security, your self value, self love and feeling like you are enough right now. Anyone is welcome to do it but it was really designed to assist women in feeling empowered and to know that the source of their love and abundance come from the Universe. When you know this in your body down to your core it is a game changer.

I believe that we can reclaim the aspects of our healthy masculine and feminine energies that are inactive. We all have the ability to feel safe, secure, valued and loved for who we are. It starts within us and in within our own energy system. For most of us these aspects are 'deactivated' during our childhood when we are not given the support that we need. Specifically, when we are not shown what the divine masculine is when we are children then those aspects of ourselves will not be fortified and activated within our own energy system. We need our masculine energy system active and balanced to support our feminine energy. Our feminine aspects of us which is our creativity, our emotions, our connection to others, our intuition, our ability to love unconditionally need to feel the support, safety, resources and to feel valued by our masculine energy. The feminine without the support of the masculine is not the divine feminine. The masculine without the balanced feminine is not the divine masculine. They are intrinsic and both are needed to be in balance for us to feel whole and to lead creative, joyful, purposeful, loving and productive lives, and to ascend to higher levels of consciousness. This meditation is a combination of energy healing for your chakras and visualization of your future, more secure self. The more relaxed you are in mind and body, the better as that is how you lower your brain waves to alpha brain waves and as you do the visualization of your future self you start to reprogram your subconscious mind to be more secure and to value yourself more. The energy work of bringing the power of your healing heart energy to each of your energy centers is raising the vibration and consciousness of each energy centre . I love the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza for this. He talks a lot about this and I highly recommend his work. The physical body needs to catch up to our consciousness. We can understand something intellectually but our body needs to understand it as well. The key to healing your chakras and reprogramming your subconscious mind is repetition and consistency. Do this meditation every day for at least 8 days to start feeling a difference. The opening and balancing of the chakras (healing) is a much faster process than reprogramming your subconscious mind which can take an average of 67 days. You are creating new neural pathways when you are reprogramming your subconscious and that takes repetition. Ideally, you can do you want to do some form of self-hypnosis or deep alpha-brain meditation for 20 minutes a day 3 times a day to achieve the changes to your subconscious mind and subconscious identity that you want to make. We want to know at our subconscious identity level that our supply of love and abundance comes from The Universe/God/Source/Higher Power (whichever words work for you). Our sense of self value then comes from knowing that we are first and foremost this divine energy and we are always loved and supplied with what is inherently ours. It channels though people and situations but it comes from The Universe/God/Source/Higher Power. Ultimately our divine energies of the masculine and feminine is really the giving and receiving with an open heart. The Universe wants to flow and in giving you receive and in receiving you give. What you give to someone or a situation is what you will receive multiplied many fold. In this meditation we start with the heart chakra. Your open heart is a powerful tool for healing and we are all familiar with how it feels to have your heart chakra open. So we will open and activate our heart chakra first and then use the super-power of our heart energy to bless each of our energy centers and reprogram them. I hope this meditation and healing practice is of benefit to you and helps you to be the empowered BEING that you are. Go forward and love yourself and love others. Blessings and love to you, Sandra Kunz


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