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Stage One - Live Music Podcast is very excited to announce Stage One. It is a new adventure for us and we look forward to our first date of November 17, 2023 as our first event.

Stage One

The Service Station

5505 Butler Street

Summerland BC

November 17, 2023 (Featuring Lee Anthony and Lachlan Gann)

December 15th, 2023 (Featuring Nigel Rahkola and Adam Kern)

January 19th, 2024 (Featuring Sandra Kunz and Tristan Telle)

Sign-up 6:30pm

Show Starts 7:00pm

Stage One
Lee Anthony and Sandra Kunz at The Service Station

Each event will be video recorded for our YouTube channel. We will have 6 open mic spots and then two featured musicians for about 30 minutes each.

The show will be hosted by Sandra Kunz and Lee Anthony and will take place at The Service Station in Summerland BC. Stage One is scheduled for the third Friday of every month and we are set for our first three dates of November 17, December 15th and January 19th. We have a production handling the sound and production of the podcast.

The show will start off with a 15 minute set by one of the hosts and then we get our first open mic performer to come on the stage for a 15 minute set followed by a short interview by one of our hosts.

If you are interested in participating on the open mic please come on down and sign up for a 15 minute spot. You will be given a waver form to give us permission to use your performance on our YouTube podcast and we will get some info from you such as how people can book you for the interview after you play. If you are not interested in being booked don't worry! It is not a requirement.

We ask that only people that want to be broadcast on the Stage One Podcast on YouTube participate.

The recording will be edited and it is possible that not all performances and songs will appear on the final video. So to make the experience enjoyable for everyone please come prepared with music that you are comfortable performing. We encourage both original music and covers. If there is more performers for the open mic than required we will put the names in a bucket and choose the names randomly.

Each performer can have a copy of their recorded performance unedited for a small charge and they can also have their set edited professionally.

The Service Station, Summerland BC
The Service Station, Summerland BC

We have been mulling the idea around of starting some sort of music podcast for a couple of years now and when we were approached by The Service Station to host an open mic it was obvious that this was our opportunity. It is such a wonderful venue. It has been completely renovated to be an art gallery and event venue. Sandra held a live concert there in June of 2023 and currently has some of her artwork on display there so it seemed like a wonderful fit.

Sandra is relatively new to the Okanagan music scene and quickly realized that open mics are an important aspect for most musicians. It gets them precious practice performing and getting comfortable up on stage. Sandra, her production partner and Lee met at an open mic and started working together shortly after doing concerts at Music At The Beach in Penticton. It was magic from the beginning.


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