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Live Music Video Sandra Kunz

She's A Mountain Original music written and Performed by Sandra Kunz

My family and I moved to the Okanagan from Edmonton Alberta in 2020. At first I thought everything here was a bit too brown and not green enough but soon I was deeply appreciating the arid desert landscape, the lakes and especially the mountains. Penticton is small so we don't need to deal with much traffic and we are surrounded by nature. I am so grateful to be here. I started to meditate on the mountains and the perspective that they would have on life and situations around me and found that it gave me the space and detachment that I needed in a lot of situations that felt stronger and less attached. I had the space to Be in the world and less of it which is very helpful for folks as sensitive as myself. I believe in the spirit of the mountains which are different than the spirit of the waters, the plants and the earth. They are all here simultaneously but living on a different plane than we are but when we get quiet we can tune into them. I found the spirit of the mountains so grounding in my everyday life and in my meditations.

This song in the Live music Video with Sandra Kunz is about the spirit of the mountains but also the spirit of a girl that does not want to play small. A lot of folks play small and live a life that they think would be acceptable to other people for the sake of being loved and accepted. The thing is, the less authentic we are the less we love ourselves and that's where love begins and grows from and the more the Universe is fully expressing itself through us. This is what leads to a fulfilling life.

So let's be honest and not mince words. That 'thing' that is niggling at you to do or maybe even screaming at you to do will not go away and it will something that you will probably regret not doing when you will be older and it is too late. If you don't feel very fulfilled in your life this could be a huge reason why. Ask yourself why you are not doing it and realize that whatever that reason is, it's most likely a big lie. And sometimes we distract ourselves with other things that could be put down to make room for us and what we are here to offer.

I'm just getting to the point where I am listening to myself and accepting myself.

Blessings to you on your journey of sovereignty Love, Sandra

She is a Mountain Lyrics

When she was young when she was little

life was so grand

She dreamt of being bigger, she wanted to


Up to see the cosmos, she wasn’t afraid

But she stayed down on the surface, to be safe

The view from here is just fine

We’ll all stay down together and tow the line

Life’s a snapshot of a moment on replay

But the ground floor is exhausting to live on everyday

So life will set fire to the basement that you know

It’s the trapdoor that will save you from the comfort

you’ve been shown

So here we are in the flames,

Will we dig another hole and do it again?


In her caves there are diamonds and rivers of gold

She’ll always think twice before she’ll do what she’s told

Up here in the summit is the biggest blue

Life was not the problem

It was just her View

She forgets that she’s a mountain,

the excitement of the show

Makes her forget herself and horizons unknown

She’ll be twisting and turning in the grips of the wind

And sanity won’t find her in this confusion she’s in

She catches her soul and stops for a breath

She changes her perspective and the jewels are in her hand



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