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The Gift of Envy and Jealousy

The Messenger Cards - Otter

Image is from The Messenger Cards. An animal spirit oracle deck created by Sandra Kunz.

See below for the message from this card.

The gifts of envy and jealousy run deep. When you see someone and what they are doing, or feel like you want something that they have it is a message from your soul that you need to pay attention to. It is time for you to realize that there are gifts within you that you have not been giving a voice to and there is something that you have not been allowing to create in your life. This is a message that there is something that your soul really wants to birth and there is a way for you to create it that is completely authentic. There is something that you want to do or be that you are not allowing for yourself and the fact that you are feeling this way simply means that it is not only possible but a part of your current life purpose.

Being envious of what someone else is doing or how they look is always a sign that you are not taking care of your own creative energies and you are not taking care of your heart. This is an opportunity to look at what needs you have not been meeting within yourself and look at ways that you can start to meet them . Only you can meet this need for yourself, and there is something that your soul wants to birth from you in this physical world.

If you feel envious of other women or men, it is time for you to look at how you are not recognizing the inner beauty and gifts that only you bring to this world. By truly appreciating the God/Goddess and authentic gifts in yourself you will recognize and appreciate it in others, and when we take care of ourselves, share our gifts and create authentically from our soul our life is fulfilling and we feel we have purpose.

Many people ask what our life purpose is, what if it is just to be the best that we, as individuals, can be? Sharing our gifts and bringing our life creations out into the world gives us our sense of purpose. We are all here to do things, and that looks different for everyone as we are all different expressions of source. We all need to listen to our own callings and envy and jealousy are a wonderful indication to go within and ask what it is that your soul is calling you to do.

In any case, there may be a process to this. Perhaps there is an action that has been nudging at you to take and when you go to start taking action you stop yourself. You may have the voices in your head that say that you can't do this, or you aren't good enough, or no one will be interested in what you will be offering. There will be intense emotions that come with these thoughts and a part of this process will be to feel those emotions as deeply as you can. Feel the energy of the emotions without suppressing them and most of all, feel them without engaging in the blame of whatever triggered them. Just feel them. As you do this the energy will start to clear in it's own time, and you will begin to have clarity, more self love and you will start to take action that you couldn't take before.

The message from The Messenger Cards

30. Life is Simple - Otter

Life is simple and yet we insist on making it complicated. Being present with our feelings and listening to what our soul is asking of us in this moment is about as complex as it needs to be. We just need to get out of our own way to enjoy the simplicity of this life we have the pleasure of living.

Having fun is essential for taking us out of the past and the future and bringing us into the present moment. If you are not having enough fun in your life it’s time to examine what you are giving your time and energy to and make some adjustments.

Our creator abundantly supports us in having fun.

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