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The Prayer of Home

The Prayer Of Home Painting By Sandra Kunz

This is the Raven animal spirit painting I created called 'The Prayer of Home' . I painted this when me and my family had moved from Edmonton Alberta to Ontario in August of this year and we needed a home to rent. The town where we wanted to live has a population of 500 so rentals were low but I set my mind to manifesting the perfect home and it came.

Now six months later I find myself missing home. It has been an amazing move for many reasons but I realize that Edmonton still feels like home. A few days ago I was looking at some Instagram posts and there were some photos from a winter festival called The Flying Canoe Adventure and I was filled with such sadness. We used go to that festival and we lived right by the amazing and beautiful Mill Creek Ravine where it is held I just suddenly missed all of my dear friends and all of the familiar parts of the city that I spent most of my life in.

I wonder if Ontario will ever feel like home? How does that happen and do I want that to happen? I don't know. I do know that I need to spend some time with these feelings and allow some emotional healing as my feelings are important and have something to say. I can also feel that in being with my grief I am making room for new experiences here in my new home and that I have so much to be grateful for here. I am making some wonderful new friends, I have an incredible art studio and gallery that I had only dreamed about, my beautiful family and extended family (that I didn't know before we came here) are here and we live in a gorgeous home in a gorgeous quiet little town.

This painting suddenly has a whole new meaning. Lots to process..... Thanks for reading and sharing this with me.

Love, Sandra Kunz

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