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Breaking Free from the Fear of Success

Raven Painting By Sandra Kunz

Daily inspirational reading from The Messenger Cards 11. Breaking Free Today's theme specifically speaks of breaking free from the conditioned of the fear of success. I myself have dealt with this most of my adult life without even realizing I was doing it to myself-it was deeply unconscious. Whenever I was succeeding things would go wrong. I know now that I was shutting down my heart and not staying open to the love and success that was really part of who I was. The conditioning to keep things the way they were for the comfort of knowing what to expect was very deep. Now I have to be extra vigilant about tuning in to how I feel so I can catch myself when I start shutting my success down and take time to feel compassion for myself and track what thoughts led me to start closing my heart to the divine goodness that is inherently mine. The conditioning can come from many sources but ultimately we are responsible for our own reality created by our thoughts and vibration and blaming others for our reality doesn't help that at all -only compassion and heslthy boundaries can. Boundaries that are in alignment with your higher self is a part of deep self respect and self love which leads to the empowered and authentic life that only you can live. Blessings to you, Sandra Kunz

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