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Spirits in the Material World

This is the latest painting that I completed just a few days ago. When I was almost finished I showed it to my friend and her daughter and asked them what they would call it - I often ask other people what they would title a painting for a different perspective and for clues to the gifts and medicine of the painting. Her daughter suggested, "Birds Eye View" and it really resonated with me, and gave me an insight into the message that was going to come through for this image.

Being a spirit in the Material world (besides being an awesome Police song) is about the balance between living in a physical reality that is not always in alignment with your truth while manifesting what you desire by seeing the magic in everything. In other words: focusing your energy on what you want to create and at the same time being real about what is going on in your current life so you can decide when something is or isn't working for you and harness your creative magic to change it. This is the beautiful point of view this Raven Spirit has and this balance can feel difficult because many of us believe that in order to manifest what we desire we need to ignore what is happening around us, and I don't think that works for creating a life that feels authentic and truly happy.

So what do you do in your current life when you are faced with a situation that you really don't like and you are asking yourself, "Why do I keep experiencing this? What do I do to shift this?" The most powerful thing that you can do to shift the situation is to be vulnerable, real and honest about how you feel. Vulnerability in our heart is pure alchemy and it is what differentiates someone that is being authentic from someone that is simply complaining and blaming others for their life circumstances. Being vulnerable gives you the openness to allow a new result and a new beginning to a reoccurring painful life pattern, and it gives you the ability to see the situation from a new perspective and to ask for what you need. If you have the opportunity you can talk about what you are feeling and take care of your feelings by not judging them. For example, say things like, "I'm really scared right now by what is happening" or "I feel very uncomfortable right now by what they just said/did". Or take an action that takes care of you for your highest good even if you think others won't agree. It is such a simple concept and sometimes so hard to do. Being vulnerable can be very scary but what happens in those moments of taking care of yourself is that you shift from being a victim to taking control of your life and this is a huge step in moving forward as an empowered being.

When we ignore what is happening in our world we are missing out on connecting with ourselves and what we need to feel loved, safe and complete in this physical world. Also, by acknowledging what we are experiencing we have the opportunity to look at the beliefs we hold that manifested that reality into our life. We also miss the opportunity to be honest with ourselves about what is going in our life that is causing us to suffer. What happens in that moment of honesty and vulnerability is that there is no going back, and we will sometimes avoid going there to avoid the inevitable discomfort and change that will come with that honesty. The great thing about being honest with yourself though is that at that point you can start to take full responsibility for creating what you do want.

Being honest with yourself and objectively looking at the details of why you don't like something makes it easy to figure out what you do want. Also, the more you can pinpoint the feelings of what you don't want then the more you can pinpoint how you do want to feel, and in the creative visualization process it's the essence of what you want and the way it makes you feel that is the most important part of creating what we desire. This is a feeling universe.

The next part of creating what you do want is about actually taking the time every day to visualize and feel the essence of what you desire. I think that often we get very caught up our life and forget to do this very important step in the creation process on a regular basis. When we take the time for even a few minutes a day to practice feeling the way we want to feel we shift our vibration and sooner or later we will find ourselves with the clarity and courage to take the actions we need to create something new in our life. If we don't make those changes ourselves the Universe will take it upon itself to make those changes for us! We need to just try our inspired ideas to see what will happen, and if we don't like the results we can change our course of action again. There are no mistakes. I heard this quote once that went something like "making mistakes means that you are trying". I love that.

One way to implement this process for yourself is talk to people (or even one person) that understands this process and can help you shift your perspective into be in alignment with your truth. They will have compassion for your situation and can see you for Who You Are. These people can be our trusted friends and they can be professionals that we get help from. Like I say, if I could have done it myself by now it would already be done so asking for help can be a very important step to moving forward.

Much Love to you,

Sandra Kunz

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