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Daily Reading from The Messenger Cards. What is Self Love?

Raven Painting By Sandra Kunz

10. Self-Love I did this painting with a charcoal pencil on acrylic paint. This Raven is looking down at his reflection in the water and there is no colour at all in this piece. The symbology in this painting runs deep. As deep infinite, and complex as we are as souls and it is asking you to be very honest with yourself about something that is not working for you anymore in your life. The energy of trying to make it work and perhaps making excuses for it are holding up other areas in your life and your life is not moving forward and naturally expanding as is natural for you. The healing and release of this has been a long time in coming and it is time for karmic balance in this situation. Love yourself and be honest about what you need and surrender this to your higher self for clarity and peace. Know that when you make decisions and act from your heart it is always in everyone's highest good.

If you would like assistance with finding clarity please contact me at my . I use The Messenger Cards for personal readings, and for emotional/frequency healing. Much love to you on your extraordinary journey, Sandra Kunz

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