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Manifest Your Hearts Desire

Elk animal spirit painting by Sandra Kunz

This image an oracle card from The Messenger Cards

We all have desires that we deeply want to manifest - need to manifest. This stems from an ongoing issue in our life that is emotionally painful and we want to fix it more than anything but achieving it or having it feels like it's millions of miles away. It's so close to our heart that is seems to be one with our hearts and we don't know where the issue ends and we begin. To have it would mean that our life would be very different than it is now.

This reading was intended to bridge the gap to what you desire. All any manifestation needs (if it is in your highest good) is a shift in your perception and this shift must be practised often enough so that it is the predominant vibration surrounding the situation in your life. For example: if you do a reading and have a heart-centred shift regarding a situation but then do nothing after the reading to practice the feeling of the shift then, most likely, you will not manifest what you desire as you will continue to manifest the predominant vibration or 'default' vibration.

Here is the reading that I did for manifesting a deep desire that has been difficult to manifest:

The cards I chose were:

#4. Fertile Ground - Elk

#36. Rising Above - Swallow (image not shown)

#22. The Creative Force - 3 Ravens (image not shown)

The first card is what your higher self wishes you to focus on and that is #4. Fertile Ground with the Elk gazing at the moon. This card speaks to us about the present moment and being aware of what we are focusing on in this moment as that is what we are creating. When an issue is close to our heart it can seem nearly impossible not to focus on the emotionally painful events of the past or see a different and brighter future. It is only in this present moment that we can create the future that we desire so do something, anything to shift your energy in any way - even if it just a little.

If you are currently experiencing painful emotions the best thing you can do is to relax into those emotions and feel them to their full extent without judgement upon yourself. Remember that these emotions are energy that want to be experienced and then they will release from your body. The longer you resist them and think that they are 'bad' the more they will be in your body and will just keep manifesting in your life in similar situations.

The second card chose was #36 Rise above with the swallow. The second and third card assist the first card by fine tuning the frequency of the first cards. It gives you more specific energy to work with. You can call upon the Swallow spirit for assistance to rise above your present painful circumstances and to protect you from negative thoughts and to see that we can change our perspective in a blink of an eye. There is the energy of detachment with this card. Healthy detachment does not mean that you don't care, it is juts giving yourself a break from the dense energy of the situation.

The third card chosen was #22. The Creative Force - 3 Ravens. The Raven's are here to assist you by reminding you that what you wish to manifest has a life force of it's own and that you are here to assist it but also to stay out of it's way! You are co-creating this with your higher self so allow your higher self to do it's part by surrendering your doubts to spirit. The Creative force also says that we are always always birthing new life and the more we work with the Divine within ourselves the more we create with ease, Grace and authenticity.

One thing you can also do is to create an alter of what you wish to manifest. Create a sacred space with objects that give positive energy to the situation and remind you of a different and positive perspective of the situation. If you have used The Messenger Cards for a reading of the situation (or other oracle or Tarot Cards) you can place the cards on the alter as well. This will help to remind you to spend time practising these new thoughts around the situation and raising your vibration around the subject. Try even 2 minutes a day in pure thought about the situation.

Thank you so much for reading!

Much love to you and blessings on your creative journey,

Sandra Kunz

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