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You Are The Answer To Someone's Question

I want to applaud all of those souls that have the courage to be themselves, create from their souls, and are sharing these gifts and messages with others in their own way. It takes tremendous vulnerability to create something outside of your comfort zone and to send it out to the world.

I understand that journey very very well. I struggle often with having the courage to start a new endeavour, but when my soul speaks, I listen. I might procrastinate but eventually I will get the new creation done and out there as my joy and service to humanity. The tough part is not worrying about what people think and just going ahead and doing it. Deep down I know that it's something my soul needs to do and because my soul needs to do it then other souls are calling for it. That's how it works. You can be the answer to other people's questions.

Also, even if it doesn’t look like anybody is seeing your efforts, the Universe (which is ultimately your higher self) is most certainly seeing your efforts. When you take a leap of faith and put something out there without attachment to the outcome, or as little as you can, then the most important person that is watching is you. You know when you are doing something worthwhile and when you are putting the effort in. Doing something worthwhile is very simple: it is something that comes straight from your heart and it is the most important thing that we can do here as earthlings. In a vibrational and feeling Universe, that is everything as it can raise your vibration and shift your reality in the blink of an eye.

My guided meditations are my latest endeavour, and it scares the heck out of me to put them out there. I leave myself open to criticism and I have to be OK with that. There is also the fear that nobody will engage or listen to it and I have to be OK with that too. Also, when I was creating The Messenger Cards I thought I was crazy because of the amount of focus and dedication it took to do something with no guarantee of any monetary outcome. They took me 2000 hours to create and they turned out to be one of the biggest blessings of my life. They have taken me on a journey through to my heart, and they have connected me to thousands of like-minded souls and they support me financially.

There is a purpose for everything and there are no mistakes. There is just more learning and you will never realize your dreams if you don't have the courage to try and make mistakes.

So once again, I stand up and cheer for these bold souls. This authenticity raises everyone's vibration and sends a message to the Universe. A very powerful one that says that you believe in yourself.

Much love to you all on your heartfelt journey,

Sandra Kunz

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