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Golden Dream the Spirit Trees

Golden Dream

An original tree spirit painting by Sandra Kunz

Acrylic on wood panel 24"W x 20"H x 2” Deep

Gold Leaf


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Every once in a while I feel moved to paint spirit trees. They are the bridge between heaven and earth, our higher self and our earthly self and their gift to us is the frequency of being a light-walker. Walking as the beacons of light that we are called here to be. This is a journey of being aware of the impact we have on others as we are on our journey and much of it is an inner journey to simply be ourselves. We can see when we have not been living our truth more and more easily because of the suffering it is causing us internally and externally. To forgive ourselves and others feels like freedom and liberation from the shroud that dampens our light. To stand fully in our light frees us from the energy of needing to prove ourselves and our worthiness to others and from the energy of needing to constantly be right. All of these are ways of leaking our energy and dims the brilliance that comes from just being in our truth of love.

I painted Golden Dream as a reminder of my divine right to just be me as in the bigger picture I am created the way that I am for a reason and my existence does not need to be justified. The energy of needing to explain who I am is especially exhausting and I find that the more I am able to let that go the more I am in my sovereign power. Just knowing that who I am is enough.

This painting has a monochromatic background of the cooler colour pallet of blues and purples with touches of magenta. These colours are inspired by the higher chakras and are some of my favourite colours to work and explore in. They feel really good to me. When I am blending and these colours I am in my bliss place. I am hoping to one day be able to do the same with the lower chakra colours. I am ok to use highlights of the reds and oranges but I still am not comfortable doing a whole painting with that pallet. Hmmmm.... I am doing a great deal of work on my lower chakras so maybe I will feel inspired to do a painting in those colours at some point. There is gold leaf in this painting in the moon as well as a golden reflection on the tress. The gold leaf does many things energetically for the painting. It has a very high vibration, it acts as a portal to your higher self, and adds a beautiful focal point to this piece. Wow, I am just realising this as I am writing it. I love when that happens. Often I will have a new and deeper understanding of a painting that I may have completed years before. It is very humbling when that happens.

Blessings to you on your light journey,

Sandra Kunz

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