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A Message to Empaths: How to Embrace Your Gift

This card is from Sandra's oracle deck called The Messenger Cards

I have met many empaths in my life and in fact most of my friends are empaths. We seem to attract each other and I would make an intuitive guess that most of them are gifted healers whether they know it or not. I am an empath as well,and I feel like the poster child for them.

Learning to understand this gift and not see myself as a victim because of it has been the toughest but most rewarding part of my life's journey. I have learned a lot about turning this from being a curse to a gift. Without this gift I would not have created my oracle deck, my art, or be doing the readings and energetic healing that I do that empower people to shine their own light.

I believe most empaths were born extra sensory,(they could see, feel or hear beyond what is shown to us in our limited 3-D persective) and most of them had a traumatic childhood. They used their gift to tune into the feelings of others, especially those that abused them, as a tool of survival. This turned out to be a very painful way of using that gift however and many empaths never learn to tune their focus back within as a way to empower themselves and use their gift to be the healers that their soul calls them to be.

How to bring the focus back to you

The goal is to connect with yourself and care more about how you are feeling than how others are feeling. Eventually, you will be able to be in situations and around people and be shining your light instead of living in fear others. This is the key to personal freedom.

If what I am writing is resonating for you the first step is to decide that it is time to take responsibility to shine your own light and to be authentic instead of leaving it in the hands of anyone else. You cannot depend on anyone outside of to do that for you or to behave in different ways in order for you to feel good about yourself. We were raised to think that we need to be the caretakers of others feelings and not care about our own but that just snuffs out our light and we are good to no one. Least of all ourselves.

For this shift to happen it is vital that you pay attention to your feelings and when you are feeling negative emotion that you stop and take time to be with them. To read more about this process please read my blog post titled, 'Blossom'. It is also vital to take time for yourself in stillness and to meditate for further connection to yourself and your clarity. Mediation releases resistance to going with our own flow and keeping up with who we are. We can find clarity and the answers to our own questions.

Taking responsibility for yourself is a huge step in self love, empowerment and using your gifts as an empath. The scariest part of that may be that your relationships will change. As you shift to staying present with yourself and your feelings and staying aligned with your own light more and more your relationship with others will change. Those relationships based on love, alignment and truth will remain and grow and those based on fear, codependency and staying small will dissolve. Let them and give yourself permission to be happy. Have clear, loving and honest conversations to tell people how you feel and you will quickly see who will grow with you and who will not. To read more about creating authentic and intimate relationships please read my blog titled, "Having Deeply Connected Relationships".

Some relationships will surprise you when you actually show up as yourself. It is as though they have been waiting for you, and suddenly the relationship is aligned, easier and so much more fulfilling.

One of the biggest issues that empaths have is lack of boundaries, which are impossible to have if you are not identifying with your own feelings.You will find that as you start to love yourself more and put your own feelings ahead of others that you will have clarity about what works for you and what does not, and then it will get easier and easier to distinguish what feelings are yours and what are theirs. No more walking into a room and being the victim of other people's energy. You can now notice the energy and emotions of others but not take them on as your own, and you can now assist others in the unique way that you do as a conduit of source energy.

Also, feeling your own connection to source energy IS a boundary. Boundaries are about who you are and when you are connected to source energy and blazing your light there is no doubt about who you are and the energy flow is now flowing from you and is much more powerful than any negative energy. Love is a wonderful energy cleanser and with it you have no fear of others feelings and what they think of you.

This really is about shining your light for the world so everyone can benefit and the responsibility is entirely yours to take that step and continue to take those steps that keep you in your truth and alignment.

If you would like to work one on one with me you can book a reading/healing session with me at: Reading with Sandra and The Messenger Cards

Much love to you dear Empaths on your journey of empowerment,

Sandra Kunz

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