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Those of us that are here to be light workers have intense periods of growth that can feel like we are in the birthing canal. It is extremely uncomfortable, but if we can step back from it a bit we know that it is worth the process. What waits for us on the other side of this process is the more expanded version of us that we started to see as glimpses and feelings in our visions and meditations. Coming into a larger and more expanded self can be a very uncomfortable process where we see what is not working in our belief system right in front of us. What is holding us back and making the process uncomfortable are our own limiting beliefs of ourselves. The Universe will manifest our limiting beliefs so that we may see them and change those beliefs to align with our more expanded self.

Great care must be taken to ensure that we do not sabotage ourselves in this time. It can be easy to slip back into our comfort zone and stay small. Our mind will try to tell us all kind of reasons to reject this new expansion. Opportunities that align with your new self will begin to manifest and they can be exciting opportunities that can feed your true passions and bring you joy and purpose. Many blocks and barriers can begin to appear that will make it seem like you should not follow this opportunity but that is you sabotaging you. This is especially true for the light workers and healers of the world as we take quantum leaps in the gifts we bring to this planet. We have unlimited potential and gifts that are showing themselves to us . Become still and quiet your mind to connect with what your heart wants and get clear and say "Yes!" to it. If you can clearly say yes and stop the sabotage then it will happen much more easily. Get help if you need to from someone that you trust can support your journey to get more clarity.

This wolf is standing within it's unlimited power and living a life of passion that only it can know. It knows what brings it joy and balance. And it allows itself to expand to the visions that it receives from the Universe and to not limit himself despite current conditions.

At the heart of all discomfort and dis-ease there is a common denominator: there is a misalignment between the you that is showing up in the world and and the real you. Most of the time we are not aware of what that is or that there is even a problem and sometimes we are aware on some level but we are in deep denial because we fear change.

Disease can range range from uncomfortable feelings to illness and everything in-between including chronic exhaustion. But any time we are not feeling good in our heart and in our body it is our guidance system telling us that we are not being ourselves. Be clear about what you want and who you are in your heart and the path for that will open up to you.

Much Love,

Sandra Kunz

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