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What is Intuitive Art

Intuitive Art and Unlocking your Creativity

What is intuitive art?

To start, being intuitive is to receive information of an aspect of yourself, someone, something or a situation and then relaying the information in its purest form without filtering, controlling or manipulating the information that wants to be expressed.

Intuitive art is art that has been created by allowing and receiving information/images/direction and most of all inspiration and relaying that information without questioning it, filtering it, controlling, or manipulating it. This allows the message of the art to come through.

Being an intuitive artist or living an intuitive life requires the vulnerability to stand in the place of not knowing what is happening or why and to just follow inspiration. To stand in the void of possibility and trust. For some people this requires a great deal of practice and inner rewiring as we are, as a whole, conditioned not to trust the unknown and to try to control and create with our mind and not our heart which is the key and connection to the unknown miracles of life and art.

Why are we so afraid to be creative? What are those blocks about? For one, We are addicted to the outside approval of others and fear the the end result just won’t be good enough. So we put ourselves and our desire to express our individuality second to the approval of others try to create from our mind, trying to create what we think will be good enough. But authentic, intuitive art is not about the end result but about the process of being present and the journey that is for you. Every piece of art you create is valid. It came from a part of you even if you don’t like it, and if you created something from controlling it then there is also a journey of self discovery in that and it is also a valid experience.

So, as we are creating we need only to be present with ourselves and to the medium that we are using, to listen and not to judge what is coming through and then follow through with the action expressing it.

I am, myself, an intuitive artist and for some reason it took me a very long time to realize that I really don’t and can’t paint from my mind but I create purely from the guidance and inspiration through my heart. I understand the difference between when I am allowing the art to come through and express itself and when I am controlling it. It is very clear in how I felt throughout the process and also in the results. When I am creating through control I feel overwhelmed, I get tired easily and I am frustrated. When I am allowing I feel inspired, excited and energized and it really shows in my pieces and I am really excited to share my experience and to help other people unlock their own creativity.

I offer Intuitive Art Workshops Live, with me in Edmonton and as well Intuitive Art workshops Online. Please join me in connecting deeply with yourself to see what you express.

Many blessings,

Sandra Kunz

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