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The Messenger Cards Video and Free Shipping till 2019

Free shipping on ALL ORDERS until Dec 31, 2018, WORLDWIDE. From Paintings to The Messenger cards I am including the shipping for the rest of the year.

I made this video as a short introduction for The Messenger Cards for anyone wanting to see them before making a purchase.

I invite you to allow these cards to be a gateway to your spirit guides. It is my belief that animal spirits are, in fact, not really animals but multi-dimensional beings that appear to us in a form that we can easily relate to. No matter where you are on your journey, they will meet you there with love, compassion, wisdom, and Grace. And it is with joy and pleasure that they guide you to your higher self, and assist you in living your life as a fully empowered and authentic Being.

We are each a unique soul and we are here to express ourselves through our Divine Light. The more we honour our individuality, the more our light shines, and the more we connect to the whole with a true sense of belonging. Having clear guidance is essential for us to navigate on our path of truth and I am honoured to bring these cards and messages as a source of connection to your guides.

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