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How To Do An Oracle Card Reading

I made this video to help people who want to start doing Oracle Card readings on their own and of course with clients. This video takes you through my method but that is not the only way to do reading, it is just how I like to do it. I really enjoyed all the work that we put into this video and I look forward to sharing more video's this year and connecting with all of you.

Much Love,


Transcription of video:

If you are an experienced reader or if you have never used oracle cards before join me in this step-by-step video so you can learn how to easily do an accurate reading for yourself or for others using this or any other deck. In this video I will show you how to prepare yourself for a reading, choose the cards, and how to use the 3 card spread that I personally developed to go with this deck for myself and with my clients.

When you are doing a reading for yourself or for others the more centred, and relaxed you are the clearer and more powerful your reading will be. Being relaxed and centred is key to tuning into your intuition and you cannot be a conduit for spirit if you are not clear. Doing readings is a great way to exercise and increase your intuitive skills and to build trust with yourself and your intuition.

This video is meant as a guideline and the more you practice the more your own intuitive gifts and intuition will blossom and you will find that you have your own practices that come through.

Preparing yourself for a reading

Choose a space that is quiet and feels calm and free from distraction and interruption.

Take a minute or two to close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Focus your attention on your breath to slow your mind. It is not your mind that is doing this reading but your heart which comes from your quiet connection to source energy, your spirit guides and your higher self. The more we can calm our mind and trust in this quiet connection the more we will have accurate readings that are coming from truth and spirit and not from our mind and ego. This can take a bit of practice but this is a good practice for readings and for life in general as when we can slow down our mind and live from our clear heart connection life will reflect the deepest truth of our divinity.

Clear yourself and your cards:

You can also further clear yourself and your cards by using sage or any method of clearing that you like to use. When clearing, set an intention of any non beneficial or heavy energies be cleared away. Take a minute to connect with your cards and see if they need clearing as well. If others have been using your cards it is a good idea to clear them if they feel like they need it.

Now you are ready to do the reading for yourself or for someone else.

Set an intention for your reading:

What end result do you desire for your reading? I say a prayer of intention before each reading that gives thanks for my guides being present and for a clear reading with easy to understand messages. If you are doing a reading for someone else it is a powerful practice to set an intention together. I will start with an intention and then invite my client to add any words that they may wish.

Focus on the question

Sit quietly and think about the situation that you wish to receive clarity on and move forward with.

Bring the question from your mind into your heart. If you are doing this with a client ask them to share what it is they are wanting to move forward on and invite them to sit with it for a moment and shift the focus from their mind to their heart.

Preparing to do the spread.

Choose the spread you want to use. I will show you how to do the 3 card spread. You can do one 3 card spread for each question or situation that you or your client have.

Shuffle Your Cards

Shuffle until they feel finished. You will know when the cards feel shuffled enough. Again, trust your intuition.

Choose your cards

Here are two methods for choosing cards but use your own method if you have one that you are comfortable with. In client readings I shuffle the cards first and then I hand the cards to my client and get them to shuffle and choose their own cards. I then put the cards in the correct position of the spread.

  1. Spread out the cards face down, choose 3 cards

  2. Continue shuffling the cards and pull out the cards one by one that stick out or draw your attention

As you choose the cards put them into the spread in order.

For the 3 card spread put them in this order: Card 1, 2 3 (Show position of cards)

Allow your client to choose cards the way that they like to.

Card placement and meaning

  1. The first card goes in the middle. This is the most significant card in the reading. This is the medicine for your situation to shift and change your perspective

  2. Card Two goes on the left and three goes on the right. The purpose of both of these cards is to bring more detail, and personal meaning to the middle card and it fine-tunes the frequency of the middle card.

Reading your cards

Take a deep breath

Look at the middle card (first card) and sit with the card with your heart. What is the first thought that comes to you? Spirit communicates with us individually and understanding how we receive messages is something that you can develop and get comfortable with as you practice. Spirit talks to us through the silence though, not through our emotions and the message from spirit is always beneath our emotions. So if you have a strong emotional reaction it is important for you to pay close attention to these emotions as they are the blocks that you have to moving forward and will need integration. Pay attention to where the message is coming from: is it coming from that quiet place within you or from your emotions. Trust what is coming through in the silence, even if it is just a small and quiet glimpse or message. If you feel like you are not receiving intuitive messages yet don’t panic, that will come and you can use always use the book of messages.

Next If you feel called to, read the corresponding message in the book. Even though I created all of the messages for this deck I sometimes still read the messages in the book when I feel called to as there will be a part of the message that resonates deeply pertaining to the situation. Some readers that use my cards don’t use the book at all and I always encourage people to trust the messages that they receive from spirit.

Do the same for the other two cards and see how the energy of those cards add more depth and fine-tune the message of the first card.

For example:

The middle card is The Journey which is a Deep journey of the heart into something that you are longing to do. So this is a journey of passion into your heart that is asking you to do something and take action in the physical world. By following this path you will be embarking on a journey that is part of your life calling and a large evolutionary step.

The second card is The creative force which is about something that only you can create and bring to this world. This is very much about creating something physical in this world and you can see how beautifully the first and second card relate to each other. The third card is The Illusionist and it is about letting go of the stories that are blocking from following this path of your soul.

So by bringing this physical creation to the world and by letting go of the stories then this will be a passionate heart journey that will evolve you. The Messenger Cards are all about your personal evolution.

So, this brings us to the second part of the reading which is about healing the blocks that are getting in the way of our passions and dreams. These blocks are our shadow aspects of ourselves and they are intrinsic to the light within us. The light and the shadow are two sides of the same coin and only by going through the shadow can we access the light and the magic that is our true divine nature. To integrate these blocks you need to deeply feel the emotions and stop controlling and suppressing them.This is unconditional love and self acceptance. And in unconditionally feeling and accepting these emotions without the story we bring those shadow aspects of ourselves back home so that the emotional charge can come to completion and we can evolve and move forward without repeating the same life patterns.

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