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The Blank Canvas - Jan 10, 2019

Hey welcome to my first Vlog from the blank canvas for 2019. In this video I'm going to do a quick reading for you for 2019 and I'm going to send you my blessings.

The Leader from The Messenger Cards

So for the reading I'm going to do a 3 card spread which I developed to go with the messenger cards. The first car that I chose will go in the middle of the spread it's the key or the medicine for the situation. For this reading it's the key for the coming year for all of you. The card that I chose is the leader you can see it's a very strong and Sovereign looking Raven perched up on this tree. The meaning of this card is for us to be a leader in our own lives we don't ever want to compare ourselves to other people even people who are doing really similar work as us. We really want to just be on our own path. We really should be measuring ourselves only against ourselves in a really loving and truthful way. We can look at ourselves in the past month or even the past year and see how far we've come and what we've overcome. Being a leader in your own life means to step outside your comfort zone and do things in a way that is truly authentic. This will help you feel really empowered helping you take responsibility for yourself and everything in your life. This will help you feel your sense of purpose. I really feel like this positive energy is coming for all of us.

New Beginnings from The Messenger Cards

The second and third cards are meant to enhance and give more frequency detail to the first card. The second card that I chose is the adorable tree frog. This card is called New Beginnings and has two meanings for me, literally New Beginnings I feel like we all have New Beginnings starting when we are shifting who we are on the inside it shows on the outside. New situations New Perspectives and a new way of being will show up in different areas of Our Lives. The other part 2 New Beginnings is the clearing and integration work that we do to make room for those larger parts of us to step in and to lead. I believe some things can actually be cleared with different modalities and some things need to be embraced and integrated, those are the shadow aspects of ourselves. I don't believe those Shadow aspects can be pushed away or ignored or even just released. I personally believe they need to be embraced and faced head on. Once they integrate their becomes a whole new aspect of ourselves that is completely empowered. This is very important for feeling like being a leader in our own lives. If you feel like there's a part of you that is missing and not quite showing up and you're wondering why your spiritual work and healing practices are not going the way you think they should be going you can do this integration work. It could mean there's a part of you that is still hiding away that you have yet to bring forward.

The Beat Of YOur Drum from The Messenger Cards

The third card that I chose is the woodpecker titled the beat of your drum. It's about marching to your own rhythm which is about being authentic. When we are authentic that allows us to be our most powerful selves. This puts us in a place of love that allows us to speak Our Truth allowing us to live our lives in our own way with her own rhythm. This comes from a place of love that will allow us to include others. Some relationships will dissolve because your vibration changes as you become more authentically yourself. As you are more honest with yourself about what your truth is and what it is you believe certain relationships and situations will naturally just fall away, you have to let them. This is an incredibly normal part in the process of evolution. As that happens and you become more in alignment you will attract people with the new authentic you. It's always exciting to have new people in your life but you how to allow for the process. This will help you be that strong and Sovereign leader in your own life.

For this year I wish for everybody to find their truth, to live authentically as themselves. As we do that we are able to have a better quality of life and actually shine our light more brightly for everyone else. This takes a lot of work. I wish for you to do that in her work and to have a life full of meaning.

I wanted to mention this painting before I go it is my first mythical animal painting. It's going to be a unicorn and I'm really excited about that. I was afraid to paint a mythical animal and I'm not really sure why. I feel really good about it now. It's about bringing the mythical and magical Miracles into our everyday world. I'm excited to finish it and I will share it with you when I'm done.

This year I will be trying to create one to two video a week for my YouTube channel including. This includes creating some more guided meditations and I would love some input from you guys on what subjects you want my videos and guided meditations to be about. If you haven't already done so please subscribe to my YouTube channel and stay tuned.

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