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A Message from the Unicorn

The Unicorn knows itself, all aspects of itself . It is able to stand in it's wholeness and can choose to shine its magic and light because it does not fear the dark, it shines its light on the Shadows and faces them head on, it knows that we are both light and Shadow. All of the darkness we see around us in our world is just as much a part of us as the light and he knows that if we own that darkness and understand it we are able to stand in our strength as we see the whole picture. We are all heroes and monsters. And when we accept this in ourselves we can truly choose to shine our light with all of our power. If we need to we can draw upon the warrior within us as it is a part of us and we are not fragmented from those aspects of ourselves. When we accept the parts of ourselves that can hurt others and we understand them and we are aware of them they are our allies and we cease being the perpetrator and we also cease being the victim. Then the light of Truth shines in our eyes as we are unafraid to face the shadows.

Until we see the darkness within us we do everything we can to avoid it. We do not even acknowledge it and yet we attract it in abundance because it is within us still, unacknowledged and unintegrated. We unconsciously avoid what is different from us and we see it as wrong. We say we are accepting yet we fear conflict and instantly become a victim of it, and often it is not conflict it is only someone else’s perspective and it is just different than ours.

I speak from experience. I grew up a codependent empath. I like to consider myself a recovered codependent empath in the old days I would do things for others at my own expense to avoid the discomfort in setting boundaries, and my only value was in saving others and I attracted lots of people to save. I still revert some days but I catch myself because of how horrible it feels in my body to not be in integrity with myself.

Before I started to do my own inner shadow work I’m not sure what kind of processing I was doing. I think I was mostly ruminating in the story and trying to figure out a solution in my mind. I had a lot of dark emotions way down deep that were attached to many thoughts and beliefs that were hurting myself and my relationships. I would try to gloss over these dark feelings and when they would come up and I would get triggered I would think “oh shit! Here are those feelings again! They are going to ruin everything and attract the same old things that I don’t want” or I would think that my feelings were just wrong and that I was just wrong to the core. I didn’t know how to be with my feelings to understand them.

So I had all of these heavily charged emotions trying to suppress and control that were constantly getting triggered. I was a ticking time bomb and with them constantly activated and I would keep attracting the same horrible patterns into my life over and over again. My positive affirmations were like putting icing on a pile of mud. And that’s what I felt like, a pile of mud with a big smiley face. And that is what a great deal of my life looked like too: it looked great on the surface but then conflict would arise and I would react in the same way. Mostly hiding in my shell of shame. I didn’t know how to be authentic, how to ask for what needed, or what I needed and I really didn’t know how to feel.

Shadow work is a combination of the emotional work and questioning our thoughts and beliefs. When we do this we can see that the situations outside of us originate within us and so the judgement we have of others is really judgement of ourselves. When we acknowledge this darkness we are no longer afraid of it within ourselves and others.

Blessings to you,

Sandra Kunz

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