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Sacred Relationships

To some of us the term Sacred Relationships may be new and to some of us they may not be. We can have a sacred relationship with anything or anyone and our journey begins when we begin to have a sacred relationship with ourselves. It is impossible to have a sustained, meaningful, and sacred relationship with others if we do not see ourselves as sacred.

A sacred relationship is one where we see ourselves and others as sovereign and our paths and truths are honoured. We take the time to connect with the other in courageous vulnerability to speak our truth and to put ourselves in the other's shoes so that we can understand their truth and needs and move forward together. It also means that we can stand in love in our boundaries and allow only those that honour our boundaries into our personal space and we do that with respect for everyone involved.

Along with relationships come with the unconscious emotional reactions that stem from core beliefs that are not true for us any longer or may never have been true for us. If our relationships do not look and feel the way we would like them to there are most likely beliefs that we carry about what relationships are and how we show up in them. Until we can take full responsibility for ourselves and what we put into our relationship with ourselves and others we cannot even really tap into the potential of sacred relationships. It is not about blaming, it is about owning what is yours with love. This takes a tremendous amount of courage, vulnerability and self inquiry and the willingness to be in discomfort as we feel and express what we are experiencing. It also requires a willingness to not assume that we know what is possible and that we can let go of the stories we have been telling about ourselves and others. It means that we do not need to be right, we only need to show up fully with an open heart, ready to connect and feel our painful emotions, express what our experience is and to actively and compassionately listen.

I will be co-facilitating a Sacred Relationships Retreat Jun 7 at 1 PM – Jun 9 at 4 PM with the Goddesses Lair & Lions Den at the beautiful 4-H centre at Battle lake.

We will explore our relationship with ourselves and others and as always, these retreats have the potential for miracles and self-healing beyond what we can imagine.

Blessings to you and your sacred relationships,


Raven Painting Rebirth by Sandra Kunz

'Rebirth' By Sandra Kunz

36 high x 48 "wide x 2" deep Acrylic paint on wood panel


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