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Healing the Divine Masculine and Feminine

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Evolution by Sandra Kunz

The Basics of Divine Masculine and Feminine Energies

What is the divine masculine energy and the divine feminine energy, why do we need it, and what does it feel like when we are in balance?

In a nutshell, we need both the masculine and feminine energies flowing through us and together to feel like ourselves, live authentically, and to feel like we belong here in our life in a meaningful way. We also need our masculine and feminine energies to be in balance for the creation process of manifesting everything in our lives from fulfilling relationships to our physical needs in this world, and most of all to have a loving relationship with ourselves. It is how we can have a better quality relationship with everything and a better quality of life here on earth in harmony with spirit.

We all have the masculine and feminine within us. If we identify as female we have more feminine energy and the opposite is true of identifying as a man. No matter what our gender identification is we all have the masculine and feminine energies flowing within us and we can all have the perfect balance of those energies that makes us uniquely authentic and who we are. When we came from source energy into the physical we came with an energy system of giving and receiving that has our unique blueprint on it, and when they are in balance and flowing properly we are in alignment and feeling like ourselves.

The divine masculine energy is the giving, protective (creating the feeling of safety), abundant, supportive and forward moving energy. It gets stuff done and it is what makes us feel safe in this world, like we belong here and it gives us healthy boundaries and the healthy ego identity. It is what makes us individuals. It is physiologically the left side of our brain and is analytical and focused on detail. It is the yang to the yin. The divine masculine honours the divine feminine and her gifts. He knows that her intuition, creative gifts and visions need to be birthed and shared and the divine masculine is what makes that happen. It is our divine feminine aspect of us that will have an inspiration, an intuition or a creative idea for our life it is our divine masculine within us that values those gifts and is not afraid to try the ideas and make them happen. Our divine masculine is what gives makes us individuals and values what we do and who we are. It is our healthy ego and sees us as a soul with different gifts to offer. It knows that who we are is worthy receiving. It brings abundance and supports the divine feminine. It is the yang to the yin.

The divine feminine energy is the receiving, intuitive and creative energy. The feminine energy has the creative vision, inspiration, intuition and the connection to spirit, and mother earth. It is our emotional and creative aspect of us. It feels everything as one and connected. It is physiologically the right side of our brain and is the free flowing part of us that focuses on the bigger picture. It is the yin to the yang. It opens and receives the divine masculine and appreciates the gifts it gives her of support, purpose, protection and forward action which allows her to open, be the life force of creation and receive abundance.

Each side supports the other in their unique way. The masculine supports the feminine and the feminine opens and accepts the masculine.

The feminine feels the safety, support and container of the masculine and it relaxes and opens to receive the gifts of the masculine and the universe. She knows her gifts of healing, intuition, nurturing and creativity are deeply valued so she does not doubt her purpose or gifts and shares them as part of her purpose. Energetically the feminine just needs to Be and in that state of being she receives what she needs and just her state of being is a gift. In being her divine self she is the nourishment of life and the masculine knows this. She supports the masculine by holding space and seeing him in his unique warrior strength, abundance, forward movement, success, gentleness and competence. She allows him into her inner space to allow creation to manifest (think of the procreation process of a man and woman).

We can all see that we have both part of these within us. What part of you, and in what aspects of your life do you exhibit the divine masculine where you can bring creative plans to fruition, move forward, support and protect others and be abundant? Where in your life do you exhibit the feminine energy (men too!) where you are creative, intuitive and can go with the flow? Sit and think about this, and make a list to see that you already have both energies within you. Even when you are creating your life, not just artistic pursuits but in following visions that you have for what you desire in your life.

Also, take a look at which aspects of our life where one side falls short and is not supporting the other side. Some of us don’t have a very strong connection to either the divine masculine or feminine energies. This can especially show up in specific areas of our life where we are easily triggered, unbalanced and cannot seem to move forward. Or, we aren't creative and we don't listen to what our heart is calling us to do because we may think that it is a waste of time and not important.

For example, in your career do you feel that you are doing what you love or do you hold back from sharing what you are passionate about because deep down you don’t think your gifts are worthy, or appreciated or you don’t feel supported? Do you feel abundant, able to take action, or manifest a partner that is committed and caring? These are qualities of the divine masculine that may be missing because you were not shown what those qualities were as a child. You may not have had any role model for the divine masculine and something traumatic happened that rewrote your belief system about the masculine from the natural divine masculine energy into the wounded masculine energy. This leaves the feminine feeling unsafe, unsupported, unable to move forward and to really blossom creatively. She is also unable to support the divine masculine or open to receive it.

On the other side, if someone has a the wounded feminine energy active within them they do not feel nurtured at a deep level and so they have turned against the feminine. They disown the feminine and her gifts as well as the creativity in others and in themselves. The seek to suppress her and her creative power. They are not in service to others but feel they can only get by in the world by taking. This in a nutshell is the patriarchy. In this imbalance the masculine is not supporting the feminine. It also has been the demise of our personal creativity as we do not feel it has value. We question whether we should be spending time do creative activities or even having a career in the arts or or as a healer because deep down we feel it is not valued. In our brains we know this is not right but in our core beliefs we still deny the feminine aspect of ourselves is divine and necessary for humanity.

This is separation at the core. This is duality. When the two energies are not flowing together we feel separate and we are stuck in the 3-D world of duality and suffering. In the 3-D world we live in our mind where we try to figure out how to fix outside of us. When we are triggered and have continuous life situations and patterns that keep coming up to show us what needs healing we can look at how our energy system of giving/receiving masculine/feminine has been disrupted. Our left and right side of our brain are not connecting and working as a whole so we cannot access our universal wisdom to see what is really happening and true.

When we do come back to wholeness we are operating from our whole mind (physiologically), in balance with our physical body, emotional body and spirit and we are operating from the 4th dimension or higher where we know that we are creators and we choose to create for the higher good of ourselves and everyone. We move out of the story and connect to spirit and we can choose to be here as spirit living a life in a physical body and feel like we belong, are safe and our life has meaning.

We can all think of those moments when our inner light is blazing and we truly feel like ourselves. In those moments our healthy masculine and feminine energies are in balance. In these moments of alignment we are in the flow (feminine), confident (masculine), feeling supported by the universe (masculine), we know who we are and have healthy boundaries (masculine), we are intuitive and have creative ideas flowing to us (feminine), and we have the clarity and energy to move forward and to take inspired action (masculine).

I have been experiencing a deep journey in the healing of the masculine and feminine energies within myself and in others. It began when I created my YouTube guided meditation Connect to Your Divine Masculine Energy. I created this guided meditation because of an experience I had in a personal meditation where I connected with my own divine masculine energy and I realized that this process needed to be shared with others. The astounding thing that I learned about healing these energies within us is that they are a feeling and have a frequency just like everything else and we can access it and draw it into our own energy system. The magical thing about that is when we can identify it outside of ourselves it is only because we already have it within ourselves. We then need to focus on it, and intentionally feel it more and more and see how it brings us into balance. What has been happening since I connected with my own Divine Masculine has been quite a journey and learning experience. What has been happening is that my feminine side has been able to heal as well and so I feel safer in this world in general, I have much better boundaries and I express myself much easier creatively in my work and in my life.

I am also offering Intuitive Art Workshops to connect to your divine feminine energy. Many of us have judgments about our creativity and we are so afraid to make mistakes that we don't even try. In my workshops we pay close attention to how we are thinking and feeling as we allow ourselves to just create without worry of the outcome. So, in truth it is the practice of the divine masculine and feminine energies working together that make this process so profound. Here is a link to my events page with both my Online and Live Workshops

Blessings to you,

Sandra Kunz

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