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Feel Better Now by Letting Go of The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

Connection by Sandra Kunz Created in her Intuitive Art Workshop. Join Sandra to create authentically from your soul for more self love, understanding and compassion.

I have been working with the law of attraction for about 14 years now since about the time the documentary The Secret came out. It's not a bad documentary and it was actually had a huge influence in bringing awareness that everything is energy and we create from our thoughts but has it made it easier for me to manifest things? Really? No. Well maybe somewhat but more so it created a massive amount of judgement within me all of those times that I couldn't manifest what I desperately needed. Like money to pay the rent and a relationship that didn't tear me apart at the seams. I had so much (unconscious) self hatred for those situations that kept (and sometimes still keep) coming around again and again that I just couldn't seem to shift.

I listen to Matt Kahn a teacher of what he calls The Love Revolution and he calls the law of attraction the flaw of attraction. Rightly so. Through some of Matt's videos and through my own experience the best way to raise your vibration is through deeply loving and accepting yourself which, last I checked did not include self judgement and self hatred. A huge part of that is by understanding that everything that happens to us is here to help us evolve and reach our highest potential. When something terrible happens to us it is an indication that we have beliefs that are not in alignment with out inner truth and what we believe is not at all a part of what we are here to do and be in this life. Doing this kind of self love work is enough to raise your vibration so that you are in the vibration of what you want and desire. It will come to you whether you sit and visualize or not when you are ready for it and visualizing something in the future that you are not even close to attracting because you are in so much self doubt and judgement. Visualizing can be an exercise in suffering which actually drives it farther away.

A very large part of this way of being is to realize that nothing is to blame outside of us for the way we feel and think. That does not mean that we let others walk all over us, we still use discernment and we speak our truth, but without blame. What we are experiencing within us is ours to be seen and loved. We understand that our emotions and feelings are there already and other people and situations are only there to trigger us and show us what is inside for our love and integration. If we can be with our feelings and thoughts and see them like children that need our love then we take responsibility for them and transform them for the great benefit of ourselves and everyone.

When we can take the focus off of the law of attraction and manifestation in the future we stop chasing something that that we are not ready to receive and it can be such a release of resistance. By focusing on it when we are not ready for we push it even further away from us. Things will come when we are ready for them and the best way to be ready for them is to do our best to bring our light of love, compassion, kindness, and divine truth into every situation - especially the difficult ones. At the same time we need to hold space for others to reflect your light back at you and knowing that within them lies their highest potential which can show up at any time. We do this especially for those that need it as that is what love is. We still have discernment but we shine our light, not our darkness at others and we do not blame others for our experience. This is how we create the life and find the happiness that we desire and - by living in integrity and remembering that we are the light and our light is called upon in every situation and relationship we find ourselves in. In this way we are a part of the consciousness that creates worlds and we transcend the suffering in our lives and allow others to do the same.

Be the light.



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