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A Love Letter To Empaths

A love letter to empaths

Image from The Messenger Cards. An oracle deck created by Sandra Kunz

I see you.

You may try to hide, but your light is too bright to stuff away. (Just in case you didn’t know)

There are times when you bravely shine Who You Are and you own your gifts and then, as if like a puppet on misguided strings, you pull back. You shrink and go back into your hiding place. You pull back to stay safe, usually because what you fear is lurking too close for comfort.

Better to close the blinds.

Despite being awake and knowing how the universe works you can’t seem to quite move past those big barriers.

Your story is unique but feels the same as others you know, and some of the story goes like this:

Others say you are too sensitive and often your emotions seem unbearable.

You are so busy feeling everybody else’s emotions that you don’t know what you feel like most of the time. Life is so much easier when you are with your soul family that see you(if you are lucky to have met them yet) but the real world is mostly just painful.

You and you gifts were not appreciated, and you were told you were too much or not enough.

So now, there are things that you want to do, gifts that you want to share, but it often feels like wading through concrete to try and get them out into the world.

You feel bulldozed by life, other people, sometimes even those that are supposed to be closest to you. You try to be positive but inside you often feel crumpled because you don’t feel seen so you give your power away in your relationships

Shining your light means putting yourself at risk.

Money is often lacking.

I get it. I have been there and know what it is to be a profoundly empathic human. It used to feel like a curse, but it isn’t. It’s a gift, a gift we need to understand for ourselves so we can see how we fit and belong. We have always belonged. You are further along on your journey of strength and light than you think. You have done a LOT of work and it is time to know that you are the light. The light of God, the Universe, of Source, a light of the Angelic Kingdom… whichever words resonate with you. You are valuable and so are your gifts. You are needed and your gifts are transforming this world. You know this because when you fully show up, ‘IT’ happens. Those miracles when you see that someone has been touched deeply by your gifts and light, and you were only just being yourself.

So now it’s time to not just dip your toes in that water but to dive in and stay. What does that mean? How? When you have fears and old patterns showing up, question them. Ask yourself, what is it in me that is being strengthened by this showing up for me. Can I love myself and believe in the purity of my heart and not go into fear and shame? If I go into fear and shame can I be with those parts of me and love them like a child? That is why this is happening. To believe in the purity and strength of your light. Not to believe that there is something wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you and when you believe that you will start to make different and more loving choices for your life. Start to slowly take different steps and actions, from the belief that what you have to offer the world is priceless and very needed. The world needs you to show up.

I love you,

Sandra Kunz

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