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Live Intuitive Art Workshops in Edmonton

Hello Soul family!

I am so pleased to be offering this Intuitive Art Workshop. Any level of art experience from beginner to expert is perfect, and this process can work for anyone - especially those that have been creatively stuck or afraid to paint.

I am looking forward to connecting, creating and sharing with you.

Blessings and love to you,

Sandra Kunz



February 9th, 2020

11am MST


Cafe Vancia 103-9707 110 Street Edmonton, Alberta



All art materials provided

Love provided

Wear something to paint in or bring an apron or smock

Any level of art experience from beginner to expert is perfect, and this process can work for anyone.

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In this Workshop:

-We will meet and connect with each other in a check in circle

-I will go through the art supplies and give a short tutorial on how to use the materials and the process that we will be doing. I am providing an optional process for you for the purpose of bypassing the thinking mind so you can be more comfortable with just being creative. If you are new to art or nervous about doing art this process is broken down into easy steps so you don't feel overwhelmed. We can experience such joy in applying paint on a surface and seeing what starts to happen. If you don't wish to use this process or only use part of that process that is fine too :).

-I will then lead you through a guided meditation to get you heart-focused, into your creative 'zone' and flow. We will use breath throughout to connect our creative self to our physical body. We will set and intention for what we wish to experience and learn about ourselves. We may be going through a difficult experience in our life currently and this can be an opportunity to connect with our wisdom and to love the parts of ourselves that are needing to be loved and guided.

-When we are finished we will have a sharing circle to share our journey and insights. This can be powerful as we have the privilege to witness the journey of others, and because this process works differently for everyone, hearing someone else share their experience can open up insights and wisdom into our own journey.

Why try Intuitive Art?

Creating Authentic Art for Self Expression, Connection and Healing

In this process we let go of the pressure of creating art that needs to be beautiful and instead we create art for the purpose of communicating with our soul, self connection, self-love, understanding, expression and for the simple pleasure of being creative without the judgement of outcome. Sometimes we just want to create and/or we have blocks to our creativity in our lives, and giving ourselves the time and space to birth something authentic from our soul is a precious gift.

So, what is creativity? Creativity is the language of the soul. When we are creative it allows our inner self to express and communicate. This is our soul, our deepest essence that makes us who we are as individuals. When we don't acknowledge and express that part of us we don't value it and so often people wonder why their life does not feel like it is theirs - it feels like someone else's life. The starting point is to give your inner voice an outlet and what often stops us from authentically creating is fear. Fear of other people's reactions - reactions of those close to us that think they know our deepest inner self. Fear of our own judgement. Fear of failure. Fear of Success. We just fear and we don't express what is probably the most fascinating and essential part of ourselves. Learn more about intuitive art.

This process that I offer can be a different experience for everyone as everyone comes with different needs but what I offer is a safe space to relax and let your mind take a back seat so that you can connect with your inner being. You will be fully supported and with my extensive set of skills as an artist I will also guide you in the use the art materials and medium. Over time, as with anything, the more we create the more comfortable we become with our artistic expression and the more we may find that we love our art and the inner being that is us.

About Sandra Kunz

I consider myself an intuitive artist and healer. I have been a professional intuitive artist for 14 years and an intuitive healer for 7 years. The two are intrinsic as my art is a part of my healing practice and my intuitive healing is a part of my art.

I consider myself an intuitive artist because I don't have the end product in mind when I start my paintings. I allow myself to be guided by my intuition throughout the process.

The result almost always astounds me as I am usually unaware of what my subconscious mind is communicating while I am doing it, and sometimes I don't fully understand the meaning of my paintings for years after I have completed them. I realized a long time ago that a very important part of my process is non judgement. Art is a journey just like life. Sometimes its pretty and sometimes it isn't. The not-so-pretty parts always teach me something and often they are happy mistakes that lead to a essential aspect of the painting. Some of my art just doesn't turn out and that's ok. I try not to judge and I keep going. The most important aspect of my art is that it has meaning as it comes from my creative essence. That always comes first.

I am so excited to offer this Intuitive Art Workshop as it combines my extensive skills and gifts as an artist, an art instructor, an intuitive healer, my skills as a facilitator of healing in groups and circles, and my gift of creating guided meditations that bring alignment and clarity.

Registration Information

Pre-registration is required, no drop-ins please. Once you have registered I will email the location.

Register at Eventbrite

Thank you and see you soon!

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